thanksgiving in okc.

we spent thanksgiving with the taylor fam in oklahoma city.

it was a short, but sweet trip.

for some reason i came home without a family picture and without a single picture of lincoln and me.

say wha?
i know.  crazy.

anyway, here are some photos i did take.

most are of my sweet little nephew, beck.
i just love that little guy.

we arrived late wednesday night, so we didn't get to see beck until thursday morning.
my favorite moment of the whole trip was when he saw us in the hallway and we said, "hi beck!"
and he looked at us, pointed, and said, "ooooohhhh!"
so cute!

we began the morning with a turkey bowl tradition (with the missionaries).

sister missionary totally schooling the elders.

my fabulous mother in law, who ended up fracturing her finger in this game... oops!

team shot:

the cute family we miss so much:
 (expecting numero dos boy)

then eating time!

and then some cute pictures of beck i couldn't resist posting:

counting the christmas ornaments
"two, two, two, two"

don't tell grandma!

hope all your thanksgivings were lovely!


Anna said...

Oh my. He is ridiculously cute.

Tyanna said...

Jalene, your pictures are lovely, as always!

emily.beth said...

love the USU gameday shirts!