as many of you know, i recently took my photography business full-time.  to kind of "supplement" our income for the first months, i've also been nannying for our neighbors.

we are on day 6 of 9 of this run... this is the long trip.
and let me know tell you,

going from a mother of none to a mother of four is sooooo exhausting.
luckily 3 of the kids are in school most of the day, but when 2:00 hits, i am ready for N-A-P!

i also have a deep respect for single mothers.  lincoln has been such a great help this week, but there have been days he has had to study and attend school, and it is hard to do this on your own.  whew.

also luckily, the kids are really good.  we've only had one tantrum, which happened this morning and resulted in a bag of pretzels being thrown at another sibling's face.  fun.

i've also learned how to get silly putty out of carpet--hello, rubbing alcohol.
and i just discovered a pile of romen noodels hiding under a blanket in the living room.

and tell me this, are most kids ALWAYS hungry?

i make dinner and i'm bursting because i'm so full and the kids are saying five minutes later, "i'm hungry!!"

i've probably heard that phrase 500 times this week, already.  do they feed them at school?  seriously.
i didn't think anyone could eat as often as lincoln.  he has to eat about every 4 hours, otherwise he's famished.

people say nannying will be good birth control, but mostly it just makes me hope i don't have quadruplets.  one baby will be just fine for a while.  then we can add some more.

kids are funny & cute.


The Bluths said...

kids are so darling.
whenever people tell me they are birth control...
i don't get it.
it just makes me want them more!! ;)

Ames said...

I'm sure you are going to be a great mum with so much experience :). I know I haven’t really been a visible reader of your blog but just wanted to let you know that I love your photos and I’ve also nominated you for The Versatile Blogger award! Please see and accept below:

Keep up the great work!

whimsy said...

welcome to my life sister. its fun, but it is a lot of work huh?? i love that you are doing it now:) im sure you are amazing at it!!!