our life lately.

man, i'm getting really terrible at this whole blogging thing.

life lately has been really wonderful.
for no really exciting reason, just plain old wonderful.

i just returned home from a week in las vegas attending wppi.
it was such a great experience for me and was just what i needed at this time to get motivated and get ideas for my business.
being able to work full-time running my business has been so so great.
it's hard to not get discouraged at times, but for the most part i am very much enjoying myself.
i knew quitting my job would be hard but i knew i would be so much happier doing photography full time.
this has proved itself to be true.  i am so happy doing what i love and it is so fulfilling to put 100% of my time and energy into my business... FINALLY!

i also feel very fortunate to be at home with lincoln for most of the day.  there was a time in our marriage where we were both working so much (and lincoln was schooling) that we only saw each other for about 20 minutes before our heads hit the pillow.  that time in our life didn't last very long because we were both so unhappy.
no money in the world is worth that.  
we are definitely more poor than we were at that time, but we are so much happier.
 i think midge is happier that we are home all day too.

here are some recent instagram pictures, because let's face it, that's how i document my life now days.

some cool lines in the sand from the air:

me standing on the mantel hanging up some products:

proof that lincoln and i are starting to dress alike:

midge's cat twin on big bang theory:

the real midge:

manages to find every stack of clean towels/clothes to nap on:


the bellagio fountains:


Lindsay Kay said...

YAY! :) Happy life. I like the way your living room/consultation room is looking :)

Hannah Joy said...

What a fun little family you have! P.s. I am home this Saturday. Forecast for fog in the morning? I think, yes!!

meme-and-he said...

your hair is getting so long! love it!

andrea said...

i really like how you have done your hair in the second to last photo. those soft curls are beautiful!

Christine-Chioma said...

haha i love that picture of you two dressed alike. especially his face! haha

whimsy said...

you are so beautiful!

Karina Marie Powell said...

Your blog is daring! I randomly stumbled upon it! We are newly weds as well! Well kinda, we just found out not too long ago we are pregnant! ha just wait, it's so fun! my blog is http://aaronkarina.blogspot.com
love your blog!