So I've pretty much just wasted the last four hours of my life doing absolutely nothing. I am slacking way bad. I need some motivation to do homework. Writing papers all at the same time for all of my classes just gets really old after a while. I can't do it. I'm going to be hating tomorrow...
Well I didn't exactly waste the last four hours of my life... My roommates and I had some bonding time. It was great. I seriously love them. Each and everyone of them are way awesome. I'm so happy. We started talking about and watching So You Think You Can Dance videos on YouTube.
K seriously... I love this show. I spent my summer watching it. I connect with dancing and music so well. These people are absolutely amazing at what they do. They are beautiful movers. I can only dream of ever dancing like that. Wow. There were about a gazillion of my favorite dances. The one I chose tonight is of Katee and Joshua, my two favorite dancers of the whole season. I just love this dance. It has so much emotion. Ahh!!! I just love it. Enjoy.


JMoney said...

Yeah, that was a pretty awesome dance and a freaking amazing show.

Lindsay Kay said...

Wow, they are so fluid! That was beautiful, I wish I watched that show more. I'm not so much a dancer as I am a dance-appreciater. Haha! :)