So today is Friday and I am school. Today, all of a sudden I feel like I have allergies. I keep sneezing like none other. Wow. Anyways, so I really should be studying for this quiz I have to take tonight, but I honestly don't feel like it. It's only the third week of the semester, and I'm already sick of studying. Not good. Yesterday I had ALL day to write a paper and I ended up sitting on Kristin's couch last night at 11:00 still attempting to write it. Jason helped. I'm such a slacker. Seriously.
Today I was also thinking about how my marriage professor sounds exactly like the guy on Princess Bride who says "inconcievable" a lot. Like exactly. I wish you could hear him. He's a pretty funny guy. I laugh.
Today I was also wondering if anyone else has a hard time with those security things when you post a comment on someone's blog. It's like the handicap thing? It's a bunch of letters in a bright color? Does anyone know why they have those? Probably like 95% of the time I can read it and type in the code. But sometimes I really can't? Am I retarded? Does that mean I'm handicapped? What the heck? I may have just admitted that I'm a loser and can't read, but I'm just curious.
That is all I have to say today. I'm going to go study... maybe.


JMoney said...

A couple of things...

1) I'm glad you say that I helped you last night. I felt like more of a deterrence than anything...at least I was trying for that... ;)

2) The reason they have the security things is to make sure that a human is leaving comments, and not a machine, monkey, or a human/machine hybrid.

3) Yes I know this exceeds the limit for "a couple of things," but I want you to know that you are not retarded. If you can't get them, it may mean you need glasses, or you, yourself, are a machine...or...the other one...;)

kristin said...

Jalene is not a monkey! How rude!

It's okay Jalene, sometimes I can't read them either. No need to worry! You are not retarded. Or... we both are.

Dustin, Katie, and Jack said...

Jalene, this is Kristin's sister...Katie. I was blog-surfing and saw yours. I like it! I don't know if Kristin has told you but I want both of you to come take a picture of my little family, hopefully sometime soon. I really like what you do! Let me know if you are interested in practicing on us...