My thoughts of the day...

*It feels so incredibly amazing that I haven't had to fill up my gas tank for 3 weeks and 3 days. You have no idea! And I still have 1/4 tank left. I used to fill up every week when I went to Weber!
*People shouldn't say awkward things. Do you really not know that it's awkward to say such things? Stop creeping me out with your awkward things!
*Queen's harmonies rock. They are cool... and weird.
*The only reason I would ever want to live in a sorority house is because it's so close to campus.
*Boys are lame. Boys never do what the girl wants, but really they are only doing what you are asking them to do. But it's exactly opposite of what you REALLY want them to do. Girls always want you to do what they want you to do, but they also expect you to do what they don't ask you to do. Girls never know what they want. We are a confusing species. Good luck boys.
*I really like getting mail. Any empty mail box is a sad day.
*I'm really excited to go on my cruise in a few weeks. I think about it all the time.
*People walk at a much too leisurely pace. It's quite annoying... ESPECIALLY when they take up the whole side walk. I am a fast walker and I like to walk fast, and most of the time, I have places to be.
*One of my best friends gets home from his mission today. Weird...
*I really want some peanut butter M&Ms.
*I like to see people I know in this strange new place I call home. It makes me feel like I have friends.
*I like Fajitas. Mm...


JMoney said...

I'm going to retort soon against you're boys are dumb comment! :)

kristin said...

Here we go:
*Yay for not driving to Ogden every day!
*Boys ARE kind of lame. Usually. But I think girls are too sometimes. Myself included. :)
*I want some peanut butter M&Ms too!
*You DO have friends! Yay for Logan!

JMoney said...

oh and your boys are dumb thing reminded me a little of the nicene creed...in that it was really confusing. :)