This blog post inspired by Kristin...

I AM... up way too late
I WANT... someone to love me for all that I am. And homemade warm gooey chocolate chip cookies... with the chocolate chips. ;)
I HAVE... great friends.
I KEEP... things that have sentimental value no matter how unpractical they are.
I WISH I COULD... explain how I feel more eloquently.
I HATE... getting my heart broken.
I FEAR... spiders and heights and dangerous things.
I HEAR... Dashboard- Hey Girl
I DON'T THINK... I can hold my breath longer than a minute.
I REGRET... nothing.
I LOVE... warmth, being held, sleeping... Whoa it sounds like the needs of a infant. Haha
I AM NOT... in a very happy mood right now. It's more of a sad mood.
I DANCE... because I love to, not because I'm any good.
I SING... songs at the top of my lungs when no one is around.
I NEVER... have been snowboarding or skiing.
I RARELY... get to bed early.
I CRY WHEN I WATCH... P.S. I Love You --- Like a baby!
I AM NOT ALWAYS... good with my time.
I HATE THAT... sometimes people don't hear me. I can't help that I'm soft spoken.
I'M CONFUSED ABOUT... emotions.
I NEED... to be respected.
I SHOULD... go to bed.
I WILL... accomplish things tomorrow.

That is all. Good bye and good night.


kristin said...

Ha ha I love the needs of the infant one--it's true though, those are the very best things! We are similar in a lot of ways, by the way....

Lindsay Kay said...

Gosh, both you and Kristin really make me crave gooey homemade cookies! :) Haha, love you!

JMoney said...

Hey I saw you on campus today! Ha ha! So what sort of dangerous things are you talking about??