What makes life great...

  • cheddar munchies... these things are delicious! You buy them at the deli at any Associated Foods grocery store. They are these tater tots type things made of potatoes and cheese. Mmm....
  • dreams... sometimes they make you laugh, sometimes they make you feel closer to someone far away, sometimes they make you say, "What the heck?"
  • a warm sincere smile from a stranger... I like nice people.
  • water... such a useful thing, what would we do without it?
  • the smell of laundry detergent... it just makes you happy.
  • hugs
  • laughter
  • a powerful photograph... something I wish and hopefully one day will capture.
  • notes from a friend... it's my favorite gift.
  • music... what would I do without music? I don't know. It's like water.
  • memories... they make me smile.
  • neices and nephews... they make me laugh.
  • amazing roommates... they are so kind.
  • amazing friends... they are my examples and I admire them so.
  • knowing where you can from
  • childhood... it was a great time of life. I loved mine.
  • sleeping... I need it everyday.
  • trials... they make us stronger (cliche) but I believe it with all my heart.
  • love... it's the best feeling in the world.
  • peanut butter M&Ms... thank you for inventing these.
  • opportunities... I have many. I'm so blessed.
  • people on the bus... they made for good times and funny conversations. I only miss it sometimes.
  • driving... I receive some of my deepest thoughts while driving.
  • fingernail clippers... can you imagine what the world would be like without them? YUCK! Thank you Mister Chapel Carter for inventing them in 1896.
  • rain
  • freckles... they add so much character. I got a new one in Mexico! I was so excited.
  • sun... it makes me warm and happy.

"I do not think it worth while to wait for enjoyment until there is some real opportunity for it."

--Stephanie Nielson

P.S. I seriously can't stop reading her blog.


Anonymous said...

i LOVE how positive you are!! it makes it fun to read your blog:) and i bet your roommates love living with such a positive person too!

p.s. cute blog

JMoney said...

I like hugs. And I like scooter rides.

kelli case said...

you read nienie? i'm an addict. you are so cool and amazingly positive!