today i...

Today I was on time for class... AGAIN! Whoop whoop! Go me.

Today I realized it was Thursday and I haven't had milk since Monday.

Today I bought milk.

Today I ate cold cereal for dinner just because I wanted to.

I ran out of cereal...

Today I also bought chocolate milk because sometimes you just need chocolate milk.

Today I bought ridiculously expensive shampoo and conditioner.

I needed the change...

I forgot to bring conditioner back with me on Monday so I used my roommates.

I asked...

And didn't feel bad because she used my toothpaste the first two weeks I lived here... and I didn't know about it. But I didn't care. I just laughed.

Today I felt a great love for the beautiful fall colors.

Today I painted my finger nails black.

It was exciting.

I'm not sure how I like it.

But I'm going to leave it for a day or two to get used to it.

Today I put my laundry away that has been sitting in two baskets on my floor since Monday.

Today I finally changed my blog template!!!! Yay!

Today I decided I want to be a better person.


Because I spent about 8 hours reading this blog

I had heard about this stay at home mom from a couple of my friends.

Apparently she was on the Today Show for her blog.

I found out why.

This woman is AMAZING!

I sat there at my computer and I could NOT stop reading. Stephanie and her husband, Christain were in a plane crash in August and are still recovering in the hospital. Her family and friends have been reposting some of their favortie blog posts. I read every single post back to December of last year and this girl blogs about every day! The only reason I had to stop was because I was getting off work. I was so moved. At times I was tearing up and other times laughing out loud. I've never seem someone so dedicated to her children, husband, and beliefs. She lives a beautiful life. I truly feel like I know her and my heart goes out to her and her family. She lives everyday with such grace, patience, and soaks up every moment with true love. I love the way she lives her life and am inspired to be like her. Today I'm going to be a better person and live a little more like Stephanie Nielson-- thank you for inspiring me.

Today was a good day.

I am happy today.


kristin said...

I looove your template! And thank you for writing such nice things on my blog. I love you.

katrina said...

nienie is amazing huh? have you looked at her sister c janes blog? its amazing too!