I had a really good weekend.

I mean a REALLY REALLY good weekend.

On Friday night I photographed a wedding reception. It was hard, but a lot of fun. It was my first wedding with White Star Photography as one of their photographers.

On Saturday I photographed the couple at the temple after they were sealed. It was so cold and my hands about fell off. Seth said I couldn't use Worker's Comp for it if they did, in fact, fall off. Besides the bitter cold, I had SO MUCH FUN. This really might be what I want to do the rest of my life. I find so much joy in photographing one of the happiest days of someone's life. I feel very limited in my resources now, but maybe one day I can fulfill my dream. Wow. I just love it.

Soon after, I met Kristin at the gateway and we went shopping for a brief moment. Always great. After completing the very difficult task of changing in the backseat of Kristin's car we made our way to the Salt Palace for a work party. We watched the Holy War. I very much enjoyed watching BYU getting schooled by the Utes... even though I don't really have a preference.

After the game we spent an hour or so in a hot tub full of bubbles. It was cool.

On Sunday I got to see my friend Jake Twitchell again after two years! His homecoming brought many other friends that I haven't seen in decades! (not really... just seems like it.)

Isn't he cute? Fresh off the mish!

He's still scared of girls.

I sat there almost in tears because of how happy I felt. I was surrounded by people I love so much. I wanted to stand up on the bench and tell everyone how incredibly blessed I am to have such great friends. I SERIOUSLY love them. Seriously. A lot.

Between church and the gathering at the missionary's house, I went to visit the Hoopers. I wish I could've sat there for hours talking to them. They always have such great things to say and I learn from them everytime I visit them. I love them.

With the small amount of time I was actually at HOME, I was reminded how ridiculously funny my parentals are. They just crack me up. I'm so extremely grateful for them and they way they raised me. They are great. I love them too.

Then Kristin and I drove our little selves back to Logan. Every time I'm lucky enough to drive with Kristin we get to talk about life, meaning, perspectives, and how we are growing up. She is so smart. Did you know that? I'm glad I have her as a friend because she helps me find my way through life. I think she might understand me better than other people do because we've had simliar experiences. She's amazing. I'm so lucky. I love her as well.

We met our dear friends and had Thanksgiving dinner. It was delicious. And fun. People are so cool here. I love Logan.

Mmm... Please pass the pie.

I think I do a pretty awesome Jas impression.

I do not like beards. But I do like Jas!

The Shriv is pretty much awesome.

I seriously love this boy. The Great Jon Duce.

Black lady, Kristin, Shane, and I all hanging out.

Basically my weekend was full of love. Love makes me happy. I'm a happy girl. Life is so good.


JMoney said...

Finally! A new post! Phew! :)

Glad you like me.
Not glad that you don't like my beard.
I don't want to shave it.

shanearl said...

haha when I saw the black lady in the picture on your camera i got so so scared...I thought she was a ghost cause she looked so...supposed to be in the picture... i almost had a heart attack. i hate ghosts