Semester in review

  • I've thought the whole semester how cool it would be to be one of those people who rides their bike to school. I told myself I shouldn't waste my money purchasing one because it would be snowing soon and I wouldn't be able to ride it. Guess what? It hasn't snowed yet and the semester is over... should've gotten one.
  • I didn't see Lindsey Coy on campus once this whole semester. How weird is that? I actually didn't see a lot of people. I wonder where they are and how I don't ever run into them.
    I can't believe the semester is already over. Fastest semester yet... let me tell you.
  • But when I think back to the very first week of school, it seems like forever ago. I think about the people in my life then and how I felt about them and how that has DRASTICALLY changed. Well, not drastically. But my situation right now is not what I expected it to be at all. Life is full of surprises.
  • I really want to decorate my apartment all Christmas like. Hey, Kristin! Do you want to help? You are pretty much pro at decorating.
  • I haven't eaten one box of Macaroni and Cheese this whole semester. Or Top Ramen. That's pretty weird. I think I may have eaten Spaghetti -O's once... but maybe not. Can't remember.
  • It smells like tuna in my Family Finance class. Gross. I DO NOT like tuna. Bleck!
  • Did you know some people in this world mix Top Ramen and tuna? Sick huh? They just leave out the water and mix the noodels with tuna. Boys are SO weird. (Sorry kind of off topic.)
  • Kristin is going to be my roommate next week! Wahoo! I'm SOO excited!
  • I can't believe I've lived in Logan for a whole semester. That is crazy. Pretty much, it's been one of the best decisions I've ever made. I'm so HAPPY I decided to move here. I have the best roommates ever and hope we can be life long friends. They are seriously the coolest. Seriously. I really like the people I work with too. Well, most of them. They are just awesome. I just love Logan. So very very much.

    Some highlights of the week include:
  • My window decided not to roll back up after I went through the drive thru on Thursday when I was in Ogden. Yeah, not the best thing to happen when it's WINTER! So my cute mom and dad drove up and traded me cars so I wouldn't have to drive to Logan with my window rolled down. The trade--my mom's new Cadillac STS. Freaking awesome, let me tell you. That thing goes so stinkin fast. VROOM VROOM!
  • The USU vs. BYU basketball game at the Energy Solutions Arena. So exciting! It's sad we lost, yes... but still pretty dang fun.
  • Um... that's all I can think of. I thought there was more. Haha.


JMoney said...

Hurray for Logan!!!

PS - It snowed today. :)

Jo-Anne said...

Hi Jalene---this is your favorite sister stopping by with a comment! :)
I am so glad you like Logan. We loved living there all those years. We really miss Utah and everyone there!

BTW, who's Scott?????????