Tearin up my heart and soul...

I'm melting.

burning, scorching, boiling, blistering, sizzling, searing, sweltering.

It is so dang hot in this drive-thru at work. I'm seriously going to die. No, I don't work fast food. I work at a financial institution. I will never work fast food again. That stunk hard core. And every one knows you're not hard core unless you live hard core like an apple core. Funny story, this kid I work with says, "Hi, welcome to (financial institution). What can I do for you today?" I think that's pretty funny because it sounds like what someone would say at a fast food place. I feel awkward for him. That's all.

Whoa. It's suddenly cooler back here. I may, in fact, not melt. Hallelujah.
My chocolate was even melting. It was sad.

Um. Happy Halloween. Yesterday.

I decided I need to be the kind of blogger who posts loads of pictures. I take loads of pictures, so it doesn't make sense that I never post them. Oh yes it does, because blogger takes forever to load pictures. It's lame. Is there a better way? Does anyone know? I heard something about loading them through photobucket. I should investigate.

Oh... the reason for my title. Today. In the drive-thru. I can listen to music. It rocks. We have satellite stations to choose from and I've changed it about a bazillion times today. I just can't decide. Well. I resorted back to the 90s station. Then N'sync came on. And I danced in my little rolly chair. It was awesome. I had all these memories flooding back of being an awkward teenage girl.

My ten hour shift hasn't been too painful today. I think that's because I've been doing this assignment/project for one my classes the whole time. And I'm still not done with it. I'm glad I could do it today though because who knows when I would've found time in the next few days.

ah... Busy life.

And I'm melting again.

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JMoney said...

Hahahaha! What great post, Jal. I like the knew theme of making things bold and big and stuff. Way cool. Peace.