Midnight adventure

Last night: 10:30pm

Seth and Shane kidnapped Sara and I.

Activity: "Four wheeling" in Shane's jeep in the canyon.

Little did we know this would be a 3 hour adventure.

We proceeded up a side road off the main canyon road for a very very very very very long time. Seth and Shane decided that we needed to visit Ephriams' grave. Who's Ephriam you ask? A giant bear that some dude killed some odd years ago. We were getting a little annoyed because they kept reassuring us that we were "10 minutes away" when in fact it felt like we were driving over the river and through the woods to freakin' Wyoming.

Some highlights:

87 puddles of mud we drove through
5,351,346 was the number of bumps we hit
6 times I thought I might actually die
17 times I thought we were going to get stuck in the snow/mud and would have to spend the night
5 was the number of times I wondered how long it would be until someone found us up there... freezing... dead... in the snow
3 excuses I could come up with if we did have to stay the night to tell my teacher why I missed the test and hopefully she would let me retake it
6 times Shane almost threw up from laughing at Seth
1 time Shane actually threw up from laughing
4 was the number of times Sara wished she could've thrown up (she got motion sickness, poor Shrivner)

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity we came upon Ephriam's grave.

It was kind of worth it.

We danced on the grave of Ephriam.

We gazed at the 9,846,454,999 BAZILLION stars in the sky (seriously the most I've ever seen... it was beautiful).

And then Seth threw a snow ball at my head which pelted me in the ear and went down my coat.

It was funny and didn't hurt that bad and I forgive him. :)

Then we got back in the jeep for the 1.5 hour journey home.

1:28 pm we pulled into Brooklane parking lot.

Life goal to dance on Ephriam's grave: Completed.

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~krista~ said...

That's way cool. I have yet to see the grave of Ephraim let alone dance on it! :)