Dear Kristin:

Today I opened the shower curtain and there was the HUGEST spider in our shower.  So I grabbed my moisturizer bottle and I got really brave and gave one good hard smack to the spider.  It shriveled in a ball, so I thought I killed it.  I turned on the shower to wash it down, but it suddenly came alive and crawled all over the place.  I screamed and freaked out a little bit.  I grabbed my moisturizer bottle again and hit it like 3 times!  The final blow it stuck the bottom of my moisturizer bottle and I freaked out even more.  I threw the bottle in the tub, then calmed down a little.  After I did that, I grabbed the bottle again, knocked the spider off, and flushed it down the drain.  

It was scary. 

Watch out for spiders in our shower.

I miss you.  Be safe.  :)


Jason Cloud Bell said...

Was it a crimson recluse? You can tell from the color of the blood on the final squish. Color of rupees? If so, you might want to call the exterminator. They travel in packs, but you only normally see the smallest one. You see, they send it out first, to scout the area. If it dies, they're watching, and they get ahold of the killer's scent...and then they go to work...beware...the crimson recluse...

But I'm about 93% positive that its blood was that of a normal garden variety house spider...79%....

kristin said...

I'm SO glad I wasn't there to see that. Agh. But I'm sorry you had to kill it all alone.
Remember the crimson recluse? And how we put it in a jar and were all freaked out? And then how it lived in that jar on top of the tv for a while? And then it died--and its dead body stayed on top of the tv for a while?