I made it... ALIVE!

Well, I just made the scariest trek of my life back to lovely Logan.  I was supposed to come back this morning for work.  I woke up at 5:30 in the freaking a.m. and logged onto the world wide web to see what the weather was like.  Sardine canyon was reporting only cars with 4-wheel drive and snow tires would be allowed through.  Well, crap.  My little Honda did not qualify.  Not sure what I was going to do.  Oh, and I contracted the worst sore throat to man kind the last two days.  I decided to go back to sleep and see if things cleared up in the next hour or so...  

I woke up at about 8:00 and felt even worse.  It kind of felt like someone had taken a knife and slashed the back of my throat about five times.  I felt bad, but I decided to call in sick.  I know it's hard when we are short staffed.  I called my manager and by the time I got off the phone with her I was in tears because of how much it hurt to talk.  :(  

When I woke up again, I made an appointment with the doc.  I felt awful all day.  I didn't have any energy to do anything.  I do NOT like being sick.

Well, I went to the doc and she said I probably had some virus... Great.  Not curable... I just have to wait the stinkin' thing out.  My dad and Scott both had the same symptoms this week (probably contracted it from them... thanks guys) and they were given some antibiotic for a bacteria infection (curable).  So I suggested that to the doc and the good sole gave me a prescription for it.   She said if I end up having a virus it won't do anything, but I could still take it and see if would cure me.  

ANYWAYS, I finally had to make my way back to Logan for work tomorrow.  Ten hour shift, here I come...  
Let me tell you about my trek.  I-15 was death.  So icy and scary.  My hands hurt from gripping the steering wheel.  I just went a comfortable 30-40 mph and let cars pass me.  I am a safe driver.  Then I got into Sardine.  It actually was better than the freeway, but still icy and scary. The condensation on the inside of my window actually froze as I drove through.  I had to use my trusty ice scrapper device to see out my window.  Fun stuff.

But I made it back.  (And Kristin got me the best presents!)  Safe and sound.  What a relief.  I still feel like CRAP, but hopefully I'll get better soon.  Send good vibes my way.  

Lovely lonely Logan.

Hope you had a Merry Christmas!


Jason Cloud Bell said...

Jal! I'm so sorry you are so sick! I hope you get feeling better real quick. And I'm glad you made it back to Logan safely. I had a pretty similar experience trying to get to Twin Falls this week; one part I actually felt my truck start to turn sideways on the freeway, but fortunately I kept it straight (miraculously). I'm coming back Monday (weather permitting) so hopefully I'll get there safely!

kristin said...

I didn't know you were sick. :( I'm sorry.
I'm also sorry you had a scary drive to Logan. I've had some of those too. :(