I might die this winter...

In my usual routine of the day, I was checking the weather forecast on ksl.com.

I pulled up Cache county for the week and glance at Sunday.
2 degrees is the high. 2!!! 2 degrees???
I questioned why I live here.
I might die this winter.
Seriously. I might.
Why? Why does it have to get that cold?
No one benefits from it getting that cold.
Only suffering occurs.
Me suffering in the blistering cold.
The low is -2.
What an exciting day. The weather changes a measly 4 degrees. (That's right, I can do math.)
Good thing I won't be in Logan that day. I'll be in warm Wastach County where it'll be a wonderful 18 degrees. Doesn't that just make you happy inside? A whole 16 degrees warmer! (Yep, still can do math.)

Does anyone have any tips of how I might survive this winter in lovely Logan?
What have YOU done in the past to stay warm?

I'm not sure how I will survive. :(
Here's another math problem for you.

Me + cold = : x


kristin said...

Um yes... there's not really any way to stay warm. Unless you stay inside. I plan to stay inside as much as possible. :)

JMoney said...

So I hear that this weekend is supposed to be a record LOW in Utah!!! Hurray for me not being there. Except I like record cold temperatures and plan on frolicking in the BLAPT parking lot upon my return. Also I hear that Vermont is nice this time of year...all that snow.

Minutes later, I finished this comment by saying that, to enjoy the cold more, and to keep warm, I bought a new ultimate plush blanket and I cuddle up in that. Alone. 'Cause I ain't got nobody!

Peace Jal. And yes. I'm aware that I'm a weirdo.

Jo-Anne said...

My suggestion is move to Tucson. You will never be cold again. If that is not an acceptable option, then I suggest you wear several layers of clothing...or you could try to make an effort to obtain SOME body fat! ;)
Please don't die.

chronicles of she said...
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chronicles of she said...

my suggestion is to accept that everyone living in cache valley is completely insane. including me and you.

and then also get warm socks and blankets and good boots and scarves and all that delectable stuff.

but seriously. and hot chocolate.