Some of the best things about coming home...

  • My big warm comfy queen size delicious bed.
  • My kitty cat. I just love that ornery old mountain lion.
  • The fact that there is so much food here.. and it's delicious.
  • Target. Nuff said.
  • My cozy little fire place.
  • Thick nice toilet paper.
  • I can leave out all my crap and it won't get in anyone else's way.
  • No one plays "Dance, Dance" upstairs.

Mmm... I love being home.
(But my heart misses Logan a little.)

1 comment:

Jason Cloud Bell said...

You have an ornery old mountain lion as a pet? Does he want to eat you? Pretty sure he does. And I'm glad you guys have thick, nice toilet paper. What would life be like without it?

Oh and sweet new pic up there!