When did I grow up?

I am going to start my sixth semester of college in 4 weeks.
When did I grow up? I swear to you I just graduated from high school.
I don't even know anyone that attends my high school anymore.
They all graduated six months ago.
Sometimes I feel like I still am new to the whole college thing.
I'm one of the old experienced individuals on campus.
How am I old enough to have a nephew that goes on double dates with me?
I swear Devin is not old enough to like girls.
But he is.
He's almost 17.
How am I old enough to have another nephew leaving on mission in just a few days?
He's going to Uganda, Africa.
How am I old enough to go on a mission if I wanted to?
How is it that I'm the same age as a girl at work who is
having a child in 4 months?
How am I old enough to open my very own 401(k) plan next week?
I don't think I even knew what a 401(k) was two years ago.
When did I grow up?
I still feel like a kid.
My SIXTH semester of college.


Whitney said...

This is totally how I feel!!!

JMoney said...

Just wait. 27 is just around the corner for me!

Lindsay Kay said...

So many good points, I feel older now too!

krista said...

Where did our lives go?
We are big now.