Salt Freaking Flats

Have you ever been to the Salt Flats?
If you haven't... you need to go.

It is seriously out of this world.
Some have been known to call me Miss Swan from Pirates of the Caribbean, but I really felt like Jack Sparrow in Pirates Three... with all the crabs... Yeah, I'm pretty sure this is where they filmed it.

Ok, so remember how's it's like January and it's freezing cold?
I didn't even need my coat..... after a while.
I was cold at first, but then it got really warm and nice and I forgot I was in this ridiculously cold state. (I was almost in Nevada.)

Well, this time I got to be the subject (most of the time) instead of being behind the camera.
I'm pretty much really self conscious about my picture being taken. I don't enjoy it that much because of my horse teeth and nerdy smile. I'm just not a good model. But I had lots of fun. And I pretty much laughed a lot. The best part about this is, I get to pick which ones I show you. There were a lot I liked, however I won't waste your time with all of them.

This one is just funny because I look like a midget with long lanky arms.
Ahhh the beauty of wide angle lens and distortion. (I want one.)

Oh, did I mention my awesome new vintage dress that I LOVE!

It was real bright and most of the pictures were me being Squinty Squinterson.

I thought this was a very artsy shot by Trev that I'm not sure he even meant to take. My hands were a little cold in this one.

This was also an "accidental" shot. He was trying to meter my dress for exposure. I like this one a lot.

And one of my favorites I changed to my header at the top. (Scroll up)

So, if you haven't been to the Salt Flats, put it on your "Life Goals" list and do it.


It rocked.


Jason Cloud Bell said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome.

cache&lindsey walker said...

oh my! i just ran into your blog for one of the first times and these pictures are AMAZING! you are beautiful! and that vintage dress is wonderful! love your blog! i love the jewelry and shoes you put with it! love your style!

lindsey (st. jeor) walker

kristin said...

Oh I LOVE the fourth one. So cute. You are so cute and he is an excellent photographer!

krista said...

YOU are so GORGEOUS Jalene!!! I love these pictures and now going to the Salt Flats is definitely on my to do list...

.M@k3nZ!e. said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun!! :]]
I love your dress.

katrina said...

you are beautiful! i love these!

Beth said...

Wow. These are amazing! I love them!

camille said...

guess what!?!?! I have that same dress!!!! At least I'm pretty sure I do...don't hate me...I've had it for over a month...should we be twiners one fine sabbath day?

Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT and I LOVE YOU despite any negative thoughts you think about yourself, I know and feel that you are the most beautiful girl in the world in my eyes. And you rock that dress its so perfectly you. ha ha
Heart, the curly one