Some fun for a change...

So on my friend Jas's blog he challenged all us blog readers to type in "[your name] needs" in a google search and write down the first 10 results. I found this quite amusing especially in the middle of the night when I should be sleeping.

  • Jalene needs intensive speech/language therapy, but may remain in her community childcare center. (Might be true... sometimes I feel like I can't talk.)
  • Jalene needs phone numbers. (Sure?)
  • Jalene needs to stay inside till jan hits. (Not sure what this means... Is Jan a hurricane?)
  • Jalene needs a sister!! (Not sure how my mom would feel about this one.)
  • Jalene needs to go eat a cheeseburger or four. (I like cheeseburgers... and if I ate four it might help me gain weight. Ha ha)
Well... that's all there is folks. (If you didn't notice, I don't have a very common name.)

Time for bed.

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Jason Cloud Bell said...

Oh man, four cheeseburgers sounds so good right now. I haven't had a cheeseburger in a month!