I just don't know what to do with myself...

My computer is sick...
You see... the screen went completely dark and I can't SEE anything to DO anything.
I don't feel like I can function without it. It's quite sad.
And why couldn't it decide to break last week when I didn't need it?
I will, again, be spending the night at the library studying.
Which I found to be quite relaxing and enjoyable.
Maybe I'll study there more.
I think I've decided to sell my PC...
and am going to buy a MacBook.
It's hard because it's bunches of moo-lah I don't want to spend.
I'm kind of about saving.
But then again, I'm pretty excited. :)


Jason Squall Bell said...

I'm a firm believer that MacBooks can solve the world's problems. Good on ya, girlie!

Anonymous said...

I would absolutely agree that the MacBook will solve the problem in your life. Ive gpt every program you could think of and tanner has the brain power to make your your wildest dreams come true welcome to the world of macs.

Krista & Tyler said...

I know that you want one quickly, but around Aug-Sept they run a special for $1000 where you can get an iPod and a printer and a macbook. also, check out your student discount at the apple store, because they'll kick your price down! hooray! my fav :)
Enjoy the journey!

Anonymous said...

GO MACBOOKS! I'm sorry Jalene, the sad truth is that PCs aren't that great. That's sad that it died, I'm sorry. But you're right, studying at the library is great!