Spring Break!

This has been a good week.

It had it's ups and downs... but today I'm remembering the goods of it.

First good... It's spring break which means I didn't have to go to class. This was nice because I needed a break... let's face it... I really did. But may I remind you that I haven't missed a single day of class yet this semester! Are you proud of me? I am. This is quite an accomplishment for Jalene. Now if I can make it 12 more class periods without ditching, the semester will be over. Wonderful.

Second good... I remembered last spring break... I was sick... really sick... and when I say "really" sick, I mean I had a miserable cold and not any where near death-sick, but thinking I was because I'm a wuss like that. During spring break last year I discovered the show LOST. I spent March, April, May and June watching all four seasons. You may think I became addicted. I did. I'm not sure how I feel about it now. I've been trying to watch it... but it seems like all the stories are just getting crazier and weirder because they are lacking some new stuff. I'm still going to give it a shot though.

Third good... On Monday I went and saw Aida at my old high school. Ok... I LOVE musical theatre. And Aida is just one of those top shows in musical theatre history. And... my high school rocks. It was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I could not even believe it. It made me miss being in high school a little bit and made me miss being under Miss M's direction. Even though she is somewhat intimidating she is one of the BEST teachers I've ever ever had. I learned so much about music from that woman... Mostly I learned how much music is a part of me. Here a photo by cute friend Lindsay Hess took of the show. This is my favorite.

Wow. It was good. Talented talented kids. And might I add they looked freakishly young for being in high school. I swear to you I was never that young.

Fourth good (painful, but good)... Side note: I, Jalene, have lived in Utah my entire life and never once set foot in a ski or on a snowboard. I know, I know... we do apparently have the "Best snow on earth" or whatever, but we'll just say I was a deprived child. (Not really... I was very spoiled.) But no one ever took me! It's not something you can just go do by yourself. On Wednesday someone finally went through with their promise. My cute friend Lindsey let me borrow her cute snowboarding gear which made me fool everyone into thinking I am a pro.

Here's how it went:

I got strapped in and on the way over to the lift (first five minutes) on not very steep ground I managed to run into an orange fence, get tangled in the fence, have a worker dude laugh at me.

I managed to successfully get on the lift only soon to discover that snowboards are heavy hanging from one leg. I'm thinking I should probably lift some weights. Let's face it. I'm weak-sauce and probably won't be able to hold my own children.

I never mastered getting off the lift by myself. That is tricky! One time I got a little tangled and thought my arm might get ripped off. Going to have work on that one...

Did I mention snowboarding is hard?!

I liked it a lot at first...

But then I got really tired. My muscles hurt... a lot! And one run down the hill I got all the way down and was about 20 feet from the lift... got a little over confident and caught my edge and totally face planted in front of everyone. How embarrassing.

Then my spring break pretty much ended. I worked 30 hours in the next three days. I started to feel like it was just one big long day of work. Sunday brought a much needed break. I'm really glad I decided to go home and go to Josh Ariotti's homecoming. I felt like what he spoke about was directly for me. I was blown away by his testimony. It was so powerful. I'm so glad all my little guy friends from high school actually exist again. They were gone far too long.

Somehow Lindsay and I managed to match each other two weeks in a row at church.
This is us at Adam Russon's homecoming.

And this is us at Josh's.

We must be friends or something.

Yep... I'm pretty sure she's one of the greatest friends I've ever had. I love that girl.

Do you know else I love? My Lindsey, my Whitney, my Sarah, my Dayna, and my Kristin.

Speaking of Kristin... did you know she's in love and she has a cute boy named Kenny that asked her to marry her???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How exciting is that? Check it out here.

And that is all. So long Spring Break...

Until next year.

It was great to see you again.


Anonymous said...

You had a rockin spring break babe, I think you left out that little part about driving to park city and spending the whole day shopping for nothing at all ha ha. however we did eat one of the biggest burgers ever at ruby tuesdays. We always have the most fun together. I cant lie, every day spent with you is a good day well spent. I would like to take another spring break and spend those long days with you again.

Whitney said...

Ahh I love you too!

Anonymous said...

Jalene, you stinkin cute face! I love you too! You are a very entertaining writer, I loved reading every word of your Spring Break! :) I can definitely hear your voice saying, "I'm weak-sauce and probably won't be able to hold my own children..." Haha, you're hilarious! I'm happy we're friends and we are matchy-matchy squared! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Did you have a missionary returning home about now? Is one of these the one?