I kind of am really obsessive about customers taking my pen at work. Really, it's all my fault because I point with MY pen where I need them to sign and they just grab it right out of my hand! Like what the heck? That is why we have pens for THEM attached to the counter to use. It's all because I kind of really hate rubbing my fingers across paper pointing and such. Bleh! It's makes me have the hibbie-gibbies. I don't really want to be the kind of person with all these pet peeves, but this one really bugs me. One day I'll get over it and not care anymore.

Speaking of pens--whenever I write, my little thumb just wiggles back and forth. It's kind of quirky. I was one of those kids in elementary school that was forced to use those triangle pencil attachments because I didn't hold my pencil correctly. They never worked. Now I find those same pen-stealing-customers staring at my wiggly thumb as I complete their transaction. I've even had some customers tell me how their son "held his pen exactly the same way."
Me and my wiggly thumb prefer blue ink pens over black ones, just fyi.
And me and my wiggly thumb wish to be outside today in the sun.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jalene - I think we still have one of those triangle pencil
attachments - maybe it's not too late to learn to hold your pencil correctly. But I love your wiggly thumb.
Love, Mom

Whitney said...

I also hate this. I really hate it though when people use it and then give it back. I'd rather they steal it. I'm a little germ a phobic I guess.