it's the end as we know it

I just kind of got really sad.
about eight months ago, I moved to Logan.
mostly to go to school, and mostly to be on my own.
i moved into my very first apartment.
got my very first roommates.
i had no idea what to expect.
and i think i was really lucky.

i can't believe how fast these months have flown by.
it may be just another school year for most of you.
but for me,
it was the hardest.
and the best.

i'm going to bawl my eyes out writing this post.
but i have to thank you.
all of my lovely Logan friends that i love dearly.

you'll find some good memories here and here and here.

but here's the good stuff.

to kristin:
thank you for making me laugh. thank you for being the best listener ever. thanks for being my roommate for a semester before you get married to mr. kenny. thanks for being there when i needed you this year. thanks for being scared with me when we found the crimson reculouse spider in my room. really, thanks for everything. we will be friends forever. i know it.
i don't think i can say thank you enough for how much i've appreciated our friendship over the years.

happiness. i love kristin so much!

random memory:
one time we played the twisty arm game
one night in the mountains.

to bri: thanks for all your kind words. and especially thanks for being here that one night... you remember that night... to hug me and listen to me kind of freak out. (sorry for the hysterical crying). i was so grateful you were here. thanks for letting me read scriptures with you a few times. thanks for listening to my endless drama. thanks for everything, bri-ster. i love you.

sara and bri. my very first roommates. ever.

80s dance.

to seth: thanks for decorating our apartment with your art. YOU ARE THE MOST TALENTED KID I KNOW. i am dead serious about this one, folks. thanks for letting me be your student and shoot with you. i don't think i've ever met anyone as crazy as you. and possibly have never laughed harder. thanks for being my friend. i love you, durf!

this was the sunday evening we spent quite a chunk of time with my camera set on self timer.
i laughed so hard.
and i was so happy.

to shane: i honestly have never met anyone like you. you can make anyone smile. i don't really think i'll miss you laughing so hard that you throw up... maybe i will. i think the thing i will miss most is your amazing testimony and way you live your life. you've fought a battle that i can't even imagine having to endure. i'm so grateful you did so you could share your testimony with me. i will be forever changed. i love you, shane.

i love kristin's reaction here.

to jaren:
even though you aren't with us anymore in this mortal state, i still think about you everyday. just like shane, you fought a tremendous battle in life. even though your life was cut short, you showed us all how to live. i didn't know you as much as i would have liked to, but i will remember you for the rest of my life. you. are. amazing. thanks for reminding us to live our dreams. we miss you and love you.

to the shriv: watch out folks, you'll hear this one on the radio someday. she has the most beautiful voice. believe me. sara, thanks for blessing me with your talent. thanks for having an opinion about things and being open minded. you taught me a lot about life. i will forever admire your uniqueness. and i will miss you making me laugh so ridiculously hard. you will do amazing things with your life. i know it. thanks for listening, talking, and laughing with me. i love you, sara.

and last but not least

to mr. jas-face:
i know you're all graduated and "hooded" or whatever, but how can you seriously leave Logan? i guess i'm okay with it. you can go be a statitician now. thanks for the many arrested developement episodes. thanks for the many scoot rides to campus, walmart, and such. thanks for the random pop-ins to see how i'm doing. thanks for the music, food, laughs, etc. mostly i want to thank you for giving me a priesthood blessing when i really needed it. i will never forget that. ever. you probably don't know the strength it gave me to move on with my life. i will be forever grateful. i guess if you don't move to like spain, or ireland, or some place far far away, i'll ask you to play at my wedding. thanks for being a great friend. i love you, jason. "have a great life!" ;)

i can't believe this first year is over.
but i'm ready for what's next.
i'm ready for more friends, new friends, amazing people to teach me about life!

it's a new beginning for me.
changes are going to happen.
it's going to be hard but i'm exciting for new opportunities.
i think this also involves a new blog look as well.
more on that soon.

thank you all from the bottom of my heart. and thanks to Logan for becoming my home. i will see you this summer, unlike all these other crazies above.
they are all leaving!! :(

**and just so you all know, there were many more people who impacted me this semester. i promise i love you too!

love jalene


kristin said...

jalene. i love you too. so so much.

Ross Nelson said...

i recognized the back of my head in that photo of the twisty arm game. Jalene you rock. i expect you to take my wedding photos some day