let's face it...

i am sooooo out of shape.

Today I got the grand idea to borrow my friend's bike and ride it to my 7:30 a.m. class.
Today I wondered how in the heck I ever made it in time for high school by 7:30 every single day for 3 years.

I must be getting old.
I can't wake up without feeling like I'm dying.
So my thought was riding a bike to school would be sooo much easier than walking up that giant mountain to campus.
I was wrong.
I pushed that bike up that hill I've come to loath and thought I was going.to.die.
Right there.
Collapse on the patch of grass by the fraternity houses and lay there to die.

You see... it's been winter for about the last 7 months here in Utah.
Which means I've been cooped up inside or riding the shuttle to school to avoid the retched snow and cold.
I hate winter.
Just so you know.

I desperately need to get back in shape.

I'm going to ride that bike to class everyday
until I feel like I won't lose a lung or until I actually die.
Whichever comes first.
I think I also might buy a dance aerobic video.
Because that is basically the only form of exercise I actually like.
Do you know of any good ones?
Help me.

And wish me luck!

**photo by me. taken in Rome, Italy. love that place**


Anonymous said...

I love running...but I think I'm probably 1 of 200 people in the whole world that find joy in that. You'd be good at aerobic dance video exercising, I'm not coordinated enough to do those and work up a sweat...too slow. :) If you like jump roping...that is fun! And biking of course, once you get the hang of it. Love you, good luck!

kelli christine case said...

leisure BIKE rides. at sunset.

with a friend. its heaven.

i find that when i'm using bikes as a transportation vehicle, i feel very out of shape too.

also 10sne1?

Squall said...

I've run the last 3 days in a row. What you should do is find a trail somewheres in Logan and run it. Everyday. Or run that cursed hill. Or just walk it 5 times in a row. Also, Richard Simmons has some pretty good workout videos. :)

Jasmine said...

you gotta try tracy anderson's dance cardio. she's reallllllly good.

here's a link to her online store -


and here's a link to buy "webisodes" online. 100% of the proceeds from the webisodes go to a nonprofit called "raising malawi" that helps girls in malawi.


Ross Barton Nelson said...

whatever you do, i want to hear more about that dance vid!