This evening I was unloading my laundry basket of clean clothes, taking each article and pressing it to my face. Seriously, what smells better than laundry detergent? I just love that fresh clean smell. It's way better than any cologne a man can wear. If I had my way he would only smell of laundry detergent. I wanted to take all my clean clothes and bury myself in them on my bed and think.

Think about my friends who are the best examples in the world.
Think about how cute it is that my roommate and her boyfriend are always cooking something new in our kitchen.
Think about our dear family friends who lost their sister, daughter, and aunt this week... someone who was much too young to die, but it was her time.
Think about what's important in life.
Think about who I am and who I want to be.
Think about love.
Think about happiness.
Today I'm grateful for summer.
Warmth, breezes, sunsets, greenness, and listening to The Format.
It finally feels like summer again.
I missed you so.
Thanks for coming back.

Make a wish today.

(photo by me)


Whitney said...

This is beautiful

Ross Barton Nelson said...

I don't even care if we haven't spoken forever! your blog rocks.

NOTHING, beats a summer evening with a soundtrack of The Format