Dangerous Encounter

Today I walked out to my car to go to lunch and a giant bee was guarding my door. I patiently stood there waiting for it to fly away, but I had a feeling it could sense my need to get into my car. You see, I have a pretty severe phobia of bees. I'm not sure why, because I'm not allergic and maybe have only been stung twice in my life. But really. I'm so afraid. Sometimes you can find me on a summer's day running around screaming for what may look like no reason, but it is in fact, because a bee is chasing me. Well, Mr. Bee today would not leave. I thought for a moment that I could maybe swat it away with my giant purse, but decided not to because

a. the bee could get angry and sting me because I swatted him.
b. the bee could get caught in my very cute crocheted purse, at which point I would scream and chuck the entire purse as far as my little arms could chuck, possibly damaging my beloved contents in said purse.

So I opted for the obvious (plan c) by walking around the car and climbing through the bee-less passenger side of the car.

Muahahaha! I defeated you, Mr. Bee. Until we meet again.


jasmine said...

you showed that bee!!!

Leon said...

I just thought of an even worse death. Floating aimlessly through space, starving for eternity, and there is an immortal bee stuck in your space suit. He stings you, and when the pain goes away, he stings you again. He senses these things. He does this out of spite, because you dragged him into space in the first place, He'll make you pay, oh yes. He'll eventually get bored, but not before you've been dead for 100 years. Poor immortal bee.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, oh Jalene! You make me laugh heartily! You are too clever for those wing-ed insects!

jordan said...

way to think outside the bee...um...box...
sounds traumatic! way to think under pressure!