I got told I look like Pocahontas today...


(that's Justin in the background. we are in class. we are totally paying attention.)

Now, at one point in this lovely Disney film does Pocahontas
display braids and bangs?


Maybe they confused me with her friend Nakoma.

Or maybe a Native American woman?


Anonymous said...

Hahaha, oh Jalene! You make me laugh. Did you have to look up the name of Pocahontas's friend or was that just off the top of your head? :) I mostly just like that picture of you, yer funny!

Whitney said...

ha ha. i just think you look cute!!

Jasmine said...

hahaha! were they boys that said this to you? it seems like something a guy would say when he really wants to just tell you that he thinks you look good. :)

Sierra said...

Justin Allred!!! Ha ha small world! Tell him Sierra says hi :-)