Exciting News!

Today was such a good day!

I became the proud owner of this cute little silver 2009 Hyundai Elantra.

Whoa. Still can't believe it.

(I think my shadow is rad in this picture.)

Call me completely crazy for purchasing a new car.
Really, you can.
I swore I would NEVER buy a NEW car in my life.
But I did today.
And I feel great!
I just feel like I got a stinkin'
GREAT deal.
And the added security of a 7- year bumper to bumper warranty.

I really am so excited!
I never thought I would end up with a Hyundai, but I did my research.
And I think it's a great car!

Anyways, I drove my little white Honda (pictured in the back) home from work and got a little teary eyed. I know, I'm ridiculous, but that was my first car ever! So many memories and I honestly love that car. I almost felt like I was cheating on him.
But I drove my new car home from the dealership and couldn't wipe the smile off my face.
It was so exciting for me! Probably not as exciting as this post is for you, I'm sure...
but I just wanted to tell you.
Because car shopping was so hard!
And I'm so happy.

It's something people do everyday and may seem like a little thing.
But this little thing was a BIG deal to me.
A bright spot... ahem (a very very bright spot)... in the somewhat dim last 3 months of my life.

This was so good for me.



Whitney said...

Yay. Congrats. It's very cute

Anonymous said...

I knew it! How very exciting! :D Congratulations!

jasmine said...

yesssss! congratulations, jalene! that is seriously SO exciting! it's definitely not a little thing. it's the first huge purchase you've ever made (i'm assuming). that's a big deal. it's a rite of passage. your new car is beautiful.

and i LOVE that first picture. your shadow is definitely rad. :)

.M@k3nZ!e. said...

I love it!
im a little jealous ;)
it's very cute

B&M Rogers said...

I love my Hyundai!!!! Mine is an 01 and it runs like a champ!!!! I love it!!! And hey we still need to go out to eat when TJ gets home!!!

Dad said...

Great Photos, who took them? You should have the cute salesman who sold it to you in the picture. Glad you had a GREAT day.


Shrope said...

happy day! car looks good, congrats!

kristin said...

yay! this one looks like you. :) i'm glad you're happy!

Leon said...

Huzzah for Jalface! :)

PS love the photos too.
PPS and the shadow in the first one.
PPPS oh and the car! :)

katrina said...

wassssup!! JALENE GOT A NEW CAR!

i lovee it. im jealous.


i totally will cry when i say goodbye to my first car. so i hear ya.

marierin said...

I've got the same one, only charcoal grey.. They're a fab car, she'll be good to you.