West Side Story

Loved the pieces on So You Think You Can Dance this week from West Side Story.
Reminded me of the time I was a Jet girl. Aww, love. How can you read Romeo and Juliet in high school and not see this musical??!! Apparently some people have gone through life without seeing this. If you haven't seen this, please go out and rent it right now. It's a classic.

My 17 year old nephew informed me this week that he was cast as Bernardo (the Puerto Rican gang leader) in his high school production of West Side in the fall. Holy moly! I'm so proud of that kid. You could say I'm living vicariously through him because he always gets lead parts, but really, I'd rather be in the chours.

Oh my heart, I miss shows. I know this clip is long, but please partake in the absolutely AMAZING choreography by Jerome Robbins.

Oh gosh, I heart this so much.


Mom said...

I am with you on this one. You were an amazing Jet Girl. The Dance at the Gym from West Side Story on the Tony's last night was wonderful. Wish you could have seen it - you need T.V.:)
Devin will have so much fun doing Bernardo - I am so excited for him. He is a kid to be proud of. We love him. And he will be amazing as Judah in Joseph this summer.

Anonymous said...

"A boy like dat who kill your brudder..." Oh how I heart WSS!