HP 6


I went and saw this at midnight last night.

I loved it.

love love love love loved it!

Obviously nothing can beat the books.

But oh my.

What a wonderful production.

Oh!!! I want to go see it again.

Do you like my shirt? My talented friend Lindsay made it for me.

Snogging :)

I'm totally wearing this shirt to school.


Whitney said...

I adore that shirt! That's so funny.

Chess said...

I went at midnight. And again at 4:30 am. And then to Denny's for breakfast. And then I babysat. It's been a long two days. :)

Anonymous said...

Let's go again! I heart that movie ever so lots! :)

Jessica Leigh said...

I love love loved it too!! Oh my goodness and graciousness . . . AWESOME. Best yet (IMO). And I love the shirt too. I told Linds I was jealous. Definitely wear it to school. And I miss your face. Let's play, capiche?

Rose Red said...

I can't wait to see it.

katrina said...


good shirt. :]

jasmine said...

YESSS! it was so good. we loved it too. and i want your shirt!!

OceanDreams said...

Cool shirt and so glad you enjoyed Harry! Good for you for going to the midnight showing. How fun.

Love&Marriage said...

I may indeed see the movie...but should I start with the first one? Stopping by and saying hello!

camille said...

what!?!?!?! oh, if only i could wear a snogging shirt for the next eighteen months of my life actually...come to think of it cambodians will have absolutely no idea what that is, excellent!

you are too adorable.

bahaha! actually i went to post my comment and the confirmation letters were "m a u g g l" it sort of spells muggle
love you jalene!

Brooke said...

Hey! So thank you for following my blog! Um and can I say yours is too awesome!! So I def. saw Harry Potter! So amazing! Ron is getting so cute. lol. I am already freaking out about the next one! haha!

sa1tyeyes said...

i just saw it tonight and OH MY GOODNESS - it was my favorite out of all the movies so far. it totally blew my mind! im glad im not the only potter super fan out there. :]

Abby Quijano said...

i saw it on last friday and i liked it! the time went by so fast though!

by the way, i love the shirt!

Lizzard said...

haha i'm glad you liked it! i plan on seeing it when it comes out on dvd