30 days {by Carla}

(image stolen from her blog)

i think this couple rocks!
not only do they have great style, a beautiful house, and vespas...
they also love Harry Potter!
hop on over and read about their adventures on flight of the thorups.

here is Carla's list of what she would do if she had 30 days:

* never leave my husband's side
* visit spain
* give more kisses and hugs to my family and friends.
* go on a night hike and watch the sunrise the next morn
* be more thankful
* get those dreadlocks i've always wanted
* pray more frequently and more fervently
* eat sweets for breakfast or lunch or dinner
* go to Disneyland
* sleep in and stay up much too late
* visit the Temple and share my sacred feelings of Christ more often.

Thanks, Carla! My favorite one was the dreadlocks... awesome!


Carlita said...

oh you little sass! get on over here and let me give you a ride on the vespa. you totally deserve it :)

becca said...

hey, i saw your blog through carla and matt's. i've enjoyed reading through some of it. some of your high school pics look like viewmont high. did you go there?

becca said...

yes, i did. i graduated in '03.

camille said...
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camille said...

carla, I would definitely go to disneyland :)

jalene I luff you! i got tagged in this happy list thing and was told to blog about 6 things that make me happy, i tagged you to do the same. i'm deciding on whether or not i enjoy these tag things

Brittany said...

ok i officially need to write one of these lists! i love them!

OceanDreams said...

Pray fervently...how awesome! Another great list, thanks for the inspiration again love! Adorable photo of them. XO

Rose Red said...

I agree with sweets for every meal.

They are super cute!

A "cheery" disposition said...

love this couple! And great list she has.

Anonymous said...

what a cute couple! i would totally visit spain too...

Mike and Sarah said...

Oh my goodness!! I totally know Matt!! He was in one of my EFY groups...how crazy!!

Mike and Sarah said...

Oh and how about how Becca who commented above was one of my roommates at BYU...um...this is getting crazier and crazier.