i can't tell you how ready i was for Sunday.

today i am grateful for my faith.
it gives me peace in this sometimes crazy world.

now i'm off to study for my final Econ exam.
that's right.
my final, last one, end of Econ forever exam.
can't tell you how ready i am to have a summer.
free of school.
sadly, my summer is only going to last for 3 more weeks.
but i tell you what my friends,
i'm going to live it up!

wishing everyone a beautiful Sunday.



Anonymous said...

I love how your blog posts always have some resemblance to Rockstar Diaries. Great inspiration apparently! :) Good luck on your exam Jaleny Beanie!

jasmine said...

yayyy for no more econ exams! good luck, pretty one! and enjoy the rest of your sunday...i have no doubt you'll enjoy the rest of your summer. mine's over soon too, and i can't wait!!

Chess said...

Oh my! Good luck studying and taking the exam! And just go crazy your last few weeks of freedom--you deserve it!! :)

7upkels said...

ohhh man, i must say my Sunday was especially wonderful today too.

and BEST of LUCK with your econ exam :) you'll do great I'M SURE!!!

OceanDreams said...

Good luck on your exam love and I am grateful for my faith too, love your picture of your dress, very fun photo. ;)

Sara said...

Either way, fantastic shoes!

camille said...

hooray for your awesome shoes and skirt!

good luck on the econ!

Leon said...

You have lovely feet, jal.