you know you're a poor college student when...

... your roommates clean out the fridge because they are moving out and you discover the only food that belongs to you includes:

-BBQ sauce
-cream cheese
-sour cream
-chicken nuggets
-pop scicles

i can't even make a decent meal out of that.
i didn't even have milk for crying out loud!

the real reason i don't have food is because

1. we have the smallest fridge ever.
2. i really hate grocery shopping for one person.

i seriously can't wait for the day i don't have to share a fridge
and label all of my stuff.

but i really do love college.

p.s. today, i went grocery shopping. :)


jasmine said...

grocery shopping for one (or even two) is way too expensive. it seriously costs so much to make healthy dinners at home for only one or two people. it's one of my biggest gripes. i can't wait to have a family if only so that we're able to finish the milk before it goes bad!! :)

Chess said...

I hear ya. College is the best, but the price of food for one person is just depressing. One day that will all be over. :)

Leon said...

I never had a problem with it. Nor did I ever have to label my food. Maybe I'm weird...well I guess we already know that!

Anonymous said...

I'm a college student and I don't have roommates and I don't pay for groceries :) This is the life! Haha, totally kidding!

Whitney said...

Ha ha. This is so me still! If I took all the things out of my fridge that only Kollin eats there would be very little left over for me. Loves!

Anonymous said...

ha so true!!! i hate grocery shopping so our fridge is about the same... besides, we are poor college students AND newlyweds!

Miss MyKelle J said...

Hello! I just wanted to stop by and say, Thanks for following my blog:) Your blog is super cute! Oh and I can totally relate with you on the shopping for one person thing. It is SO hard.

OceanDreams said...

I had a small fridge in college too and I totally know what you mean, hope you get some yummy food soon that you love!

Linka said...

Lol, I remember those days... great post!

Anonymous said...

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