30 days

{photo from my Mexico vaca a year ago. I want to go back soooo bad!}

Remember this?

Remember how I slacked off and didn't include some great lists?

Well, here's a final purge of some of those awesome-sauce lists.

You are great.

And I loved reading your ideas.

Thanks for all who participated.

30 days {by Kelsie}

Why, I think I would...

1. take pictures of every little thing i adore in life.

2. give each goodbye a little more thought and a little more time.

3. buy myself a bouquet of forget-me-nots. (even better: receive a bouquet of forget-me-nots.)

4. read all of ee cummings as if it were my first time.
"then laugh, leaning back in my arms for life's not a paragraph. And death i think is no parenthesis."
5. spend weekend nights sitting out on my roof with all my closest friends; waiting for the stars disappear and the sun to rise.
6. spend all the time i had with my dad, my mom, and my sister looking through pictures, and watching home videos.
7. say i love you...a lot more.

8. pray...a lot more.

9. live off of pink lemonade and turkey sandwiches.
10. write one last letter to all my loved ones.

30 days {by j.peri}

1. paint a masterpiece.
2. drive a car on the open road. {mind you i'm only 13.}
3. tell everyone i know how much i admire them.
4. spend all of my money.
5. search for those who are friendless.
6. go to australia.
7. have a movie marathon.
8. bungee jump.
9. go scuba diving.
10. make a music video.

30 days {by Jessica}

If I had 30 days to live, I would
1-Play all our family games with my family..all the time; scattergories, scene it, scrabble
2-Ride my tandem bike with my sister everywhere
3-Go to a Taylor Swift concert
4-Live at Lake Powell
5-Play Kick the Can every night
6-Have a heart-to-heart with my dad so he could answer all my questions about life
7-EAT, I'd eat everything in front of me
8-Camp with my best friends
9-Watch the sunrise every morning
10-Ask the city to put on fireworks for me, every night (after playing Kick the Can, of course)


TheCoys said...

You should come with me to Cali next week.

Fashionably Kate said...

This is wonderful. I want to participate! I'll have to think of mine and get back to you! :)

Mandy said...

Jessica is my sister, and Kelsie is my best friend.

Thanks for including them both.

I love this blog.

7upkels said...

ooooooh my glory. i feel famous. thank you for featuring this!! such a wonderful idea!!