woot woot!

I kind of have to brag for a second.

Is that okay?


So I'm taking this class for my major...
and the teacher is known for being super hard.

Honestly, she kind of scares me a little.
I've heard the rumors from numerous people,
"Her tests are so intense!"

Well, today was the day.
My first test with her.
I spent last night studying.
And this morning studying.
And spent that time also freaking out because of all the rumors.

I really didn't know what to expect.
I kind of thought it would be like 100 multiple choice questions.
I walked in and got my test.

16 multiple choice.
and an essay.

I felt pretty darn good about it.

Then I got my test results emailed to me.

You ranked:    1 out of   27 who took this test


That probably has never happened to me... ever!!!

I was soooo happy!


I'm done bragging.

Thanks for listening.


Sara said...

YAY!! I am proud of you! Omg I would feel so proud of myself!!

Red Boots said...

Oh wow! Results like that always (deservedly) boost your confidence so much! So pleased for you!


Krista & Tyler said...

Congrats! That is definitely the best feeling EVER! Ok, its pretty darn close to the best feeling - way to go Jalene! I love it! I like it when you brag ;)

Carlita said...

holler :)

it totally deserved a bragging moment.

Anonymous said...

Haha, "Boo-yah!" I almost forgot about that exclamation! Way to go Frijole!

TheCoys said...

That's awesome, Bean! I'm proud of you :)

Chess said...

Brag, brag, brag! You deserve it! Milk it for all it's worth. :)

Charlie said...

Nice and congrats!

siovhan said...

YOU GO LADY!!!!! That is flipping amazing! I'm so excited for you!!

Brittany said...

GIRL. That really is amazing; you deserve to rock the brag. Congrats! p.s. enjoy P.F. tonight! he's super cute.

Luke & Natalie said...

Was that Dr Lown? Nice work if it was. I wish I could say that about any of her test.

Sara said...

Slap that thing on your fridge, because you earned it!

When I lived in the dorms, I got a really good grade on an assignment in a class I always struggled with. You better believe that thing went on my door. I might've even put a sticker on it, but I can't be sure...