Crumpled up Saran Wrap

It's been one of those days...

I heard some bad news today.
And it broke my heart.
And it's kind of weird and confuses my head.
One of those.
Ya know, like it doesn't seem real?
And I can't really do anything.
I'm just sad.

But okay at the same time.
Does that make sense?

I just love people a lot.

It's also been one of those days...
Where I totally just ate one fresh peach
(home grown by the parentals)
and a Rice Krispie treat for dinner.

Because that's how I do things around here.

That is all.


Lindsay Kay said...

True story, confused is the perfect word for it. Everything will be ok, God's in charge.

Love the dinner idea, mine was a cheese quesadilla and an apple, haha!

jasmine said...

haha! i love dinners like that. they're the best.

i'm sorry you had bad news today. i hope everything is alright.

Steve and Audrey said...

uh oh, what's up? is everything okay? bad news is lame sauce. i think you need to go shoe shopping :) it'll totally make you feel better. love you babe!

siovhan said...

i hope you feel better pretty girl.

and that dinner sounds delightful!

Chess said...

I hope you feel happier soon! Your meal sounded delicious! ;-)

Sara said...

A peach and a Rice Krispie Treat is far better than a frozen waffle and a glass of wine. And even so, we're all entitled.

I hope things clarify!

Renee said...

The photos on your blog are absolutely GORGEOUS. I want to be able to do that.

I'm completely in love with your outlook, and hope you don't mind that I start following you like a mad woman.