This morning I woke up very early.

For work reasons.

(And I'll have you know my alarm went off once.
And then I got up.
No snoozes!!!
I'm particularly proud of that considering I have probably never accomplished that... EVER!
And it was 5:45 in the morning.

as I drove many miles
on this very day
I enjoyed a beautiful sunrise.

And I thought...
look at this amazing act of nature...
act of God...
every day the sun rises over those lovely Wasatch mountains saying "hello, new day."
a new day for learning,
a new day for healing,
a fresh start,
a new day for love...

I thought about how much I love sleeping in and how I'm totally NOT a morning person,
but today I was SO GRATEFUL to see God's creation in a different light.

I said a little prayer in my heart, "Thank you, Heavenly Father... for creating such a beautiful sunrise and a beautiful earth. And I love you."

(actual photo of the sunrise this morning)


jasmine said...

ahhhh so lovely. i LOVE moments like that. moments of clarity. such a beautiful photo too!

so i accidentally rejected your comment yesterday...along wtih 13 others, including giveaway entries. blahhhh. i felt like such a moron. i just accidentally clicked the wrong button...because i was moderating comments from my phone in french class. that's what i get, right?? :)

but i just wanted to say something in case you happened to notice.

Anonymous said...

Wow, congratulations. I've never done that either! I'm a "snoozer"! Sunrises are BEAUTIFUL and often unappreciated I think, just because no one is ever awake to see them. I woke up to watch one at Bear Lake and had a similar experience. Stars too! Thank you Heavenly Father! :)

Shrope said...

Love it!!! great post :)

Sarah Alaoui said...

my goal next year is to become a morning person. everyday, weekends excluded--those days, 10 a.m. max. thanks for the inspiration.

Sara said...

Beautiful picture! Such an inspiring post, really :)

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous picture! I also love to sleep in and then miss getting to see the gorgeous sunrise and enjoy the quiet peace of the early morning. Those moments are some of the best!