birthday celebrations

I like birthdays.

Yes, I do.

The day started out with some delish lettuce wraps

from Pei Wei.

And look what number they gave us??!

And this guy...

bought me these.

Beautiful? I think, yes.

And my madre bought me this dress from Shabby Apple.

I wore it on Sunday to the Conference session.

I like being 22.


Thanks for the birthday wishes! :)

Today is your last day to
vote over at Little Sussy.
You have until midnight.
Thanks all.
I love you bunches.


Steve and Audrey said...

CUTE dress!!! and cute boy :) okay i DEFINITELY need some updates! i'm glad your birthday was fun!!

Fashionably Kate said...

What a happy day for 22!

p.s. you're gorgeous! :)

Brittany said...

Jalene you look so beautiful in these photos! I'm happy 22 started out so wonderfully.

p.s. you look phenomenal in that dress lady. for real.

Nicole Leigh said...

cute dress!!
happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

BAAHHH (picture the sounds Sarah makes)!! You two are a freakin' cute couple! Love your dress mucho, so cute!

Whitney said...

I love that dress. It's so you. Very cute! I'm glad you had a fun day!!

Krista & Tyler said...

You definitely know, already, how I feel about this post! haha The 17th is a little hectic for us-we have a reception from 4-6. Also, let me ask you: do you need Ty to be in a tux or a suit? etc? We still want to do it!

Jessica said...

This makes me so happy! And I really love your dress! I am so happy for you- a new shabby apple dress!!!!

jasmine said...

looks like a super fun birthday!!

you and lincoln are cuuuuute together! :)

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

All of your fun pictures seriously make my day!! Happy 22nd :)

Sheri said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like a great day!

A "cheery" disposition said...

you are stunning! Love the black and white dress!!