some thoughts.

"life gives to all the choice. you can satisfy yourself with mediocrity if you wish. you can be common, ordinary, dull, colorless; or you can channel your life so that it will be clean,vibrant, progressive, useful, colorful, rich. you can soil your record, defile your soul, trample underfoot virtue, honor, and goodness, and thus forfeit an exaltation in the kingdom of God. or you can be righteous, commanding the respect and admiration of your associates in all walks of life, and enjoying the love of the Lord. your destiny is in your hands and your all-important decisions are your own to make."

"the greatest battle of life is fought out within the silent chambers of the soul. a victory on the inside of a man's heart is worth a hundred conquests on the battlefields of life. to be master of yourself is the best guarantee that you will be master of the situation. know thyself. the crown of character is self-control."

"there is an old man up there ahead of you that you ought to know... whether he is miserable or happy, depends on you. for you made him. he is you grown old." -Unknown

"happiness is an elusive thing. it is like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. if we go out deliberately to find it, we may have difficulty in catching it. but if we follow directions closely, charting our course properly, we will not need to pursue it. it will overtake us and remain with us."

all quotes from The Miracle of Forgiveness
written by Spencer W. Kimball

all photos via Sabino


Mandy said...

I love this book.
Thank you for reminding me.

Yours Truly said...

I particularly like the quote that alludes to the future self. It is good to reminded that our current choices determine our futre happiness. I needed to remember that today. Thanks. Now back to the dishes.

abby said...

this post is perfect. thank you.

Leon said...

The one with the hair. I absolutely love it.

Fashionably Kate said...

i NEED to read this book.

that last quote was just what i needed to hear today.

thank you!

Chess said...

I love that book. I feel bad I have hardly come to Institute at all. It's just been so, so busy. Thanks for the little reminders! :)

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Lauren said...

I love those pictures - they're beautiful!

m. estelle said...

the end.