i miss that street.

remember that street I was telling you about?
the one i used to live on?
where I gathered all those leaves?
well, i found a picture of it
perusing through my fb this morning.
and it's not the best quality
but it gives you an idea how magical that place was.

beautiful, huh?


Kimbirdy said...

Wow! Beautiful indeed!

Johanna said...

yes, very beautiful.

my name is lauren. said...

so amazing! i want to live right there!

Emily Ballantyne said...

I know where this is :o)

It is beautiful! What a lovely picture. Cindy or even Lori would love this!

Sara said...

That's so pretty. Reminds me of home.

I want to live there right now!

communikate. said...


my heaven will be filled with orange, red, and golden leaves filling the streets.

this is gorgeous! thanks for making me miss fall even more. :)

jasmine said...

wow. that is gorgeous!

7upkels said...

oh my, this looks like this is somewhere back east. SO BEAUTIFUL. this time of year is just so spectacular.

Anonymous said...


Sam said...

wow. amazing :D

Michelle said...

That is one of the most lovely streets I think I have ever seen. Seriously.

I wish my neighborhood looked like that this time of year (darn you california!).

I want my kids to have those sort of leaves to jump into. Thanks for sharing!

Chess said...

More like gorgeous! Reminds me of something right out of Anne of Green Gables... :)

janis said...

hey i just came across your blog!

that picture is absolutely stunning...i can't even believe it!