that's right.

we are


gettin' hitched
tying the knot

soon to be:

husby and wifey
mr. and mrs.
man and wife


and without further ado,
here's how it all went down:

saturday, i had scheduled to take lincoln's family pictures for their Christmas card at 3:00.
the day before they had bought everyone different color plaid shirts...
including me.
didn't think much of it, really.
we planned to take the photos in their living room with the Christmas tree and decorations.
everyone "decided" to go upstairs and get ready (iron their shirts? i don't know)
and lincoln asked me if we could take a couple photos of just me and him in front of the tree.

i got everything set up.
focus. check.
exposure. check.
timer. check.

i ran into the picture, something i've gotten very good at,
and we took this first photo.


then i walk back to the camera and lincoln asks to see the first picture.
he also asks how long the timer is.
a little weird for him to be inquiring about camera "stuff" but whatever.
i set the timer again and run and we pose.
here's the second photo.


little did i know,
the third time i walked back to the camera he grabbed the ring which was hidden in the tree.
as i looked through the view finder and re-focused
he had this little smile on his face
and for a split second i wondered what the heck he was smiling for.

i set the timer and walked back towards him.

he grabbed both of my hands
pulled out the ring and said,

"hey hun...
(got down on his knee)
(looked up at me)
i love you so much...
i want to be with you forever...
will you marry me?"

meanwhile, the camera timer is still going off and capturing the actual proposal.


he was shaking and his words were choked up in his throat.
and suddenly i was shaking and i'm pretty sure a muffled "yes" escaped my lips.
(this might just be a summary of what was said. it's all i remember. i think i asked him if he had the ring in his pocket. haha. i was so confused.)

he put the ring on my finger and stood up to hug me.
and so very sweet.


i loved every second of it.

i then started to cry happy tears.
both of us still shaking.

he told me how nervous he was even though he knew i would say yes.
he's so dang cute.

we stood there in front of the tree soaking up the moment
and it felt spiritual.
spiritual, you ask?

it wasn't a pick-her-up-and-spin-her-around-everyone-cheering
kind of blissful moment.

i felt an overwhelming peace
and comfort.
and i felt safe
and secure

and it was the happiest moment of my life.


since then:

-i think my favorite reactions were from my friends.
i laughed endlessly.

-i really, really love my ring.


i kind of can't stop staring at it.
lincoln thinks that is funny.

-i have moments where i think,
"oh my heck!!! we are actually getting MARRIED??!"

-the first time i introduced him as my fiance was super weird.

-i get a WAY easier last name.
i won't ever have to spell or pronounce it ever again!
Bouwhuis---> Taylor

-and the best part about it is i get to be part of this family.


i think they are entirely the most amazing people i've ever met.
they don't know this, but i already love them so much.
sometimes i watch them silently and think how blessed i am to have two wonderful families.

-and i'm so blessed to finally have him.

i love him so, so much.


Marcia said...

I'm just a random person who came across your blog, but I've been following it for a while. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you, and yes, that is a very very beautiful ring! I remember when I got engaged I couldn't stop staring at my ring as well. Such a wonderful feeling!

Steve and Audrey said...

wow babe, LOVE your ring! and that's such a cute story! it's perfect...and i'm SO happy for you! sorry i didn't pick up my phone yesterday--i saw that you called. i'll call you back soon! (dumb finals). do you have a date set??? love you!

Whitney said...

I could not by more happy for you. You seriously have no idea how much you mean to me and how great it makes me feel to see you so happy. We love Lincoln and are so happy he's going to be around and join our circle of friends. You are a match made in heaven. You're each others "lobsters" ("FRIENDS" reference) I love you Jalene Bow Wow. You're the best!!

kELLO! said...

EIK!!!!! i know we don't know eachother in real life but i am so so very happy for you!!!!!
and i may have teared up a bit...
marriage is the best thing that's ever happened to me and i'm sure you'll say the same thing :)

Celeste Noche said...

that is a wonderfully sweet story. congratulations!

Carlita said...

i just knew it had to be happening soon!! Congrats!!

and yes, the ring is definitely stare worthy! stunning :)

Anonymous said...

Mr. & Mrs. Taylor! That is SO right! I know that I've told you congratulations a bazillion times, but I am so happy that you've finally found "him"! Beautiful! :)

Ashley Taylor said...

Congratulations! I'm very happy for you and Lincoln! I went from Smith to Taylor and Taylor is probably the best married name ever. ;) Enjoy it (and enjoy practicing your new signature countless times!)! I hope you both have a wonderful time planning your wedding and blessed and happy marriage! :)

manda said...

Yay! Congrats! Your ring is beyond gorgeous. I have been following your blog for a while now and I am so so happy for you :)

Jocelyn said...

that's really cute! and i love that you have a picture of the proposal, it's perfect. You two are adorable together, congratulations!

Chess said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you! PS. That's gotta be the cutest plaid shirt I've ever seen. I love it! :)

Megan said...

I've been WAITING for this post. Congratulations, Jalene. I'm really, really, really, really happy for you. That is honestly one of the very best proposal stories I've ever heard, and it's even better that you have photos of the actual moment. Sweet. Way to go. Congratulations!

Kera said...

hooray for you!!! so freaking fancy. how did i know that this was coming.... i'm so happy for you!

Nik and Dawna said...

You are so adorable!!! I love how sneaky he was and his family was. I love how you caught it on camera! Gorgeous ring!
I want to come to your party!

kristin said...

yay yay yay! i am so happy for you. i have been so excited for this to happen. marriage is the most wonderful thing in the world. and your ring is so dang beautiful :)

Thao said...

Oh my gosh! Adorable. Congratulations!! And that ring--wow. So happy for you!

Anonymous said...

You ring is gorgeous :) Congrats.

Sam said...

Congrats! That's awesome that you have photos to capture the moment. Your ring is beautiful :)

Rebekah V. said...

Congratulations! It is unreal that you cought the proposal on camera. unreal. I wish you the best.

Brittany said...

Jalene, I don't even know you for real. But can I just tell you how happy I am for you!!! You found love! I really think you are a wonderful individual. I can't wait to hear about wedding plans, lady.

p.s. your ring is stunning.

CaLLie.ANN said...



My reaction: ---EEEEK!!!---
Mom: (from other room) What?!
Me: My friend just got ENGAGED.
Mom: What friend?
Me: ....well, I don't realllly know her, but I'm SO excited!

Blog stalking, at it's finest.

P.S. YAY!!!

princessdesere said...

I love love love your engagement story! You are super cute! Your ring is GORGEOUS! And I love your blog. I'd never seen it before! Congrats!

amourissima said...

I too am just a random who came across your blog- oh my GOODNESS, you had me in TEARS. Best story ever! Stunning ring- and I mean STUNNING! Congrats!!!

7upkels said...

CONGRATULATIONS Jalene!!! I am so so so happy for you!!! Like everyone else has said, we may not even really know each other but I'm as happy as if we've been friends for years!! You both will make a stunning couple!! Can't wait to start reading about all the wedding plans too :)

Michelle said...


This story made me ridiculously happy! I love love love how he proposed! It was not over the top, but totally cute and thoughtful!

So so happy for you two!

Sara said...

You made my heart smile!!! How amazing is that!! And to have it all captured on camera! CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy for you! xx

my name is lauren. said...

oh my gosh!

so exciting!

i love that it was a private little moment just between you too. and i also love that he had the forethought to capture it on film. you two are truly going to treasure those photos.

p.s. your ring is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

Luke & Natalie said...

Congrats Jalene and Lincoln! We are so excited for you! Beautiful ring!

Emily Ballantyne said...

I just knew it :o) CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so happy for you guys!!! You guys are perfect together!

sarah ann said...

hello there. congratulations on getting engaged. you, your blog, everything, is just adorable. i love your blog, and i thought it was about time to comment on it and tell you.

sarah ann


Jo said...

This is sooooo sweet!!

TeeTee said...

as i read this, i cried happy tears too!

p.s.- i am in love with your ring!

communikate. said...

shut up! I love that engagement story and the photos to go along with it!!! you two are a gorgeous couple! :)

Beth said...

This is so exciting Jalene!! Congratulations!!! Lincoln sounds like such a great guy. And your ring is absolutely beautiful!!

Katie, Dustin, and Jack said...

I am so happy for you! Congratulations. I totally know how it is to get a way easier last name... it's great! :) And I LOVE that you have the photo documentation!

Mandy said...


I am so happy for you!!!!
Your ring is stunning and that is adorable! When is the big day?

Anonymous said...

yay!!!! congrats!

Jessica Leigh said...

YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY! (One more time?) YAY!!!!!!!

Love you!!!

Jalene and Lincoln Taylor . . . sure has a nice ring to it.

*ring* . . . hehe ;)

Yes . . . NICE RING to it :)


CAPow said...

congratulations!!! That is one of the sweetest proposal stories I've ever heard! you are so lucky! And your ring is GORGEOUS!

Nicole Leigh said...

OMG that is one of the best proposals I have ever heard!! congratulations!! your ring is gorgeous!!

jasmine said...

oh my gosh, jalene!!!!!! that's amazing!! i'm so happy for you guys. and i LOVE the way he did it. very smart. every woman wants pictures of the proposal. good job, lincoln! big huge congratulations, jalene. love you!


Kora Bruce said...

Just randomly came across your blog, and what a post!

Congrats! You guys are a beautiful couple with a beautiful proposal story!

katrina said...

ahh congrats!

you two are adorable.

haha i totally look at my ring every 5 seconds. its WONDERFUL!

im so happy for you!

Anonymous said...

congrats!!! that sounds so romantic and perfect, and i LOVE that you got to capture it in photos!!!

Robby Spratt said...

That's a great story! Congratulations!

MH said...

Congrats congrats congrats! Such a clever and special way to propose. You remind me a lot of how I felt when I was first engaged, just constantly staring down at my ring in unbelief, a lot of giggling to myself, and saying fiance...yes weird!!!

*donna* said...

this is such wonderful news!
and what a lovely engagement story to tell the grandkids ;0)
really pleased for you - i got engaged in march and know the joy you're feeling right now.

Stephanie said...

Wonderful story! I got engaged in October and I still stare at my ring...
Wishing you both all the happiness in the world!

Blair and Brenda said...

I am so very happy for you! To see you and Justin, TJ and Melaina as the cute little kids and you guys are staring your own families really makes me feel old. That is a really gorgeous ring!

kelly said...

how absolutely lovely. Seriously cool to have caught it on camera too. What a wonderful memory to keep forever. Congratulations to you!

Gregory said...

Whoa baby, this would make me the 51st commentor of the post. Congrats on that AND CONGRATS on the engagement!
Hey, your ring looks quite similar to the one I designed for my wife . . . he must be a pretty classy kinda guy!
Again, congrats and best wishes! Engagement really is such a unique and fun time. Make the most of it and try not to get too annoyed with it all.

Kate said...

Congratulations! You guys look so adorable together, and your ring is gorgeous!

Mitch & Serretta Barlow said...

Holy tons of comments! So I found your blog through Elise I hope that's okay! That is pretty much the cutest story ever! I'm a huge fan of private proposals! You two are perfect for each other! We absolutely love Lincoln and are so happy that he found you! I've been pretty picky about who he dates (not that my opinion matters lol!), and you are the first one that we've all liked/loved! Sorry this is so long!

emily said...

you guys are cute! congrats!!

Rose Red said...

Way to go Lincoln! That is a great proposal, and the pictures are perfect. Congrats you two.

Gee, Jo said...

I realize this is a few months late, but reading how Lincoln proposed made me want to cry. (I am already a very -ahem- emotional person and what you might term a "blazing romantic") so you must realize what this truly amazing story did to my fragile sensibilities. I am so very happy for you both and I wish you every blessing on your marriage and your life together (forever)! Usually I would feel strange posting this, as we do not know one another in real life, but proposals are such joyous occasions, I figure, who cares! Congratulations!

Ch4 said...

I'm so happy for you, even though i don't know you..But i celebrate your love..Cherish it forever