• i can't seem to drink any liquids today without them spilling everywhere. what am i? like, 2 years old?
  • i tried really hard, but i officially hate winter. i'm sorry. i just can't do it. please make a miracle happen and make spring come tomorrow! current temperature: 1 degree, feels like: death! 1 flippin' degree!!! are you kidding me? humans should not be required to live in such circumstances. plus the sky dumped truck loads of snow today. boo.
  • okay, okay... i only like snow on christmas, the sound of it crunching, and when it coats all the branches on the trees. but that's it!
  • i think my ring is too big. it keeps sliding around everywhere. crap.
  • i really love being engaged, even though i haven't seen lincoln since sunday.
  • thursday at 1:30 pm will be a very, very happy time for me because i will be done with finals and school free for about four weeks.
  • everyone always stresses about finals, but i think the actual semester is a lot harder. my finals have never been that hard. does anyone else feel this way?
  • i have a giant painful zit lurking underneath my chin skin. i know you all wanted to know.

  • and thanks for all your comments on monday's post. they were wonderful!!

back to studying...


Chess said...

I hate winter too. I've tried to like it, but my hatred grows every year.

Celeste said...

i normally feel the same way about finals, but this quarter finals are a little more difficult for me... boo. can't wait til winter break!

kristin said...

i have a giant painful zit lurking underneath my chin skin too! it hurts a lot.

Steve and Audrey said...

i personally think the week before finals is the worst. this week. just sayin.

Talana said...

I would gladly trade places with you! But only if you wanted too... I live in Sunny Florida and am rather sick of it not dropping below 50! So please send some snow my way!

krista said...

Jalene!!! Happy day! I just found out you are engaged. You are amazing. Aparrently, we need to catch up my dear...:)

Sam said...

i normally don't have finals, so since i have them this semester, they are really stressing me out! :( mine are next week. just gotta get through it, then break! :)