lights at temple square

last weekend we went to see the lights at temple square.
always such a fun Christmas tradition.

here's all my wonderful friends and their others.
minus the browns and dahls. so sad they couldn't make it.

me, lindsey, whitney, haley, lindsay, dayna.

i found this picture of us at temple square when we were all singlets.

haha cute.

i have such amazing friends, by the way.

i lurve them.


Anonymous said...

Aw, I lurve you/them, too! :)

mart and lu said...

wow you are all so beautiful! i love the lights. my fave part of christmas!

TheCoys said...

I love us all. I was so happy to see everyone. So happy that I couldn't keep from jumping up and down! Yeah friends!

TeeTee said...

the lights are so beautiful!