oh, facebook

this morning i was thinking about facebook during the brushing of the teeths.

i have this love/hate relationship with facebook.
don't we all?

for the record, i joined FB way back in the day when NO ONE knew about it.
and then i convinced all my friends to join.
sorry, peeps.
now it's this HUGE social network that is mentioned in class, church, and common conversation.
i hate that i still check it every day.
and i hate that most notifications tell me so-and-so commented on something i commented on ages ago. annoying.

but for some reason i check it everyday.
i think it's absolutely hilarious that people only request you as friends so they can FB stalk your life.
"oh, look! a friend request." when in ALL REALITY they will never write on your wall, poke you, or tag you in any photos. they just want to spend meaningless hours looking through your profile and pictures.
admit it, we all do it. and you're not even REALLY friends! mere acquaintances or you know someone who knows them.
ridiculous, i tell you.

i now only use FB to update my profile pic (probably way too much, hey, i get sick of them fast) and an occasional status update about how freaking cold it is or how much i love horchata. i know all my FB friends wanted to know. that's why i did it. so they could FB stalk my awesome life about winter and horchata.

someday i will get rid of my FB account. i will, i promise.

just not today.

p.s. look how cute lincoln's FB status is.

that's me.


Anonymous said...

this post makes me want to stalk you on facebook, haha.

communikate. said...


but, that last little diddy just sealed the deal why you should keep your account! how cute is that?

Sam said...

i totally understand! i have a pile of friend requests just sitting there because i don't know them but we have like 60 mutual friends, so i feel like i'm rude if i 'deny' their 'friendship'. so they just add up :-/

Chess said...

I tell myself everyday I'm going to delete my account. And then I think, "Wait, first I have to stalk this person's photo album." You are so right. Sheesh.

katrina said...

so love/hate.

but so time to go.

stupid facebook.

Anonymous said...

Oh Facebook...

That's all I have to say.

*donna* said...

i agree entirely.

i am desperate to delete my account but somehow, just can't bring myself to do it....

one day.

great post :0)

Kara Lynn said...

Sorry, I am one of your FB stalkers :) I read your blog and you were such a positive, funny person. And your look on life made me smile and made me want to be more positive. So I had to check out your FB.

erin elder said...

oh i totally feel the exact same way about facebook... but i'm more of a once-a-month facebooker. so i guess that's a step in the right direction...


cute post : )

Jo-Anne said...

You like horchata?!? Ewww. You and Ragan and your horchata. I think it is NAS.TY!. ;)

I will be deleting my FB the minute Mark gets home. I do so love to "chat" with him when the opportunity presents itself. Other than that, I just have some high school friends that I occasionally talk to. And let's not forget that I am not witty enough to come up with clever things to put as my status. **sigh**

7upkels said...

i just had this conversation last night with a group of friends. the whole purpose of facebook is entirely to stalk people.

we are convinced that the only reason the founders of facebook began a facebook was either to
1. get an old girlfriend jealous by posting pictures with a new girlfriend
2. to stalk their ex girlfriend

it is sad, but true. i'm with you. i've made a pact that the day i am engaged everyone will know through facebook because instead of a relationship status update, i will delete my account. haha.

anyway jalene. i must say. you and your fiance DO look exquisite together. even on facebook :)

TeeTee said...

i don't have a facebook yet, and sometimes i'm really, really glad... because i've heard it's so addicting!
... and i seem to be the biggest procrastinator everrrr.

Anonymous said...

oh girl. thats why i only have
106 friends on my facebook.
and all 106 of them are active
in my everyday life and/or
members of my immediate
family. i keep it at 106 too.
i'm very strict. if someone i
really want to add sends me
a friend request, i delete the
person on the bottom of my
list. and its not alphabetical.

Nik and Dawna said...

You are an amazing writer, Jalene. I get sucked into your blog for hours on end! You inspire me. I copy your quotes you write. I look forward to your next blog. I love it! I am so happy you are finally happy and whole. You deserve the world and I'm glad Lincoln sees that in you as well. I'm sure he will make you smile the rest fo your life!