dear sir,

i'm sorry you were in such a bad mood today when i helped you at work.
i don't know what set you off.

quite frankly, it shocks me how people like you can be so blatantly rude to others
for no good reason at all.

when i told you to have a good day,
even though you kind of made me want to cry...

i really meant it.

i wish you were happy.
i wish you knew what i know about life.
and that you would stop being so angry at everything.
i'm sorry to say,
but you live a very, very sad life.

you could live a life of love if you wanted to.

gosh dang it, choose happiness.

and let me do my job.





britt said...

oh sad! isnt it lame how some people are just so rude?! where do you work? sorry he was so mean!

EJ said...

AMEN SISTER. I wish people would let us do our jobs how we are trained. It's not our fault we have rules to follow. We just want to keep our job. I wish he knew that being happy is way better than being a butt head all the time. I am happy that I can work with you today. Even though you want to leave me early. I'm sorry he made you almost want to cry. That makes me almost want to cry. Be happy and know that you get to see the love of your life in approximately about an hour.

Ike said...

How dare he? Does he know who your Finace is? He better watch out because he is cruisin' for a bruisin'. Yeah, that is one thing that I do not miss about that job. Have a great weekend, JB. From-Ike

Chess said...

I'm sorry. It's not fun to run into people like that. They dampen already grey days. "Choose happiness." So simple, and so often forgotten.

7upkels said...

amen, amen, amen.

i feel that way about people who call into my work some days.

"just be nice, please." i'd like to say.

Jason and Claire said...

very well put ;)

Becca said...

I know how you feel, that was one of the factors when I quit my job (I used to work where you work, but I don't know if you want me to put the name of where you work on here, so I won't) it's really tough sometimes. Good job being nice to him even when he was a jerk

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Love it...i hope he chooses happiness too!