a choking incident of sorts.

today i choked on a chip.

but it wasn't the whole blocking-your-airway kind of choking.

this is what happened:

i was happily eating my most favorite snack--chips and salsa,
when a small {SHARP!} piece of chip slipped down my throat very impatiently
before i had time to chew it up real nice.

my first thought and vocalization,

then the watery-eyes fit came
and i kept trying to swallow that blasted little chip piece,
but to no avail.

he was sticking around.

and my, oh my! was it painful.

"ow, ow, ow, ow," i kept saying over and over.

my co-worker friend asks me,
"are you okay?"

me: "i don't know?"

him: "did you drink some water?"

me: "yes, didn't work."

him: "uh... do i need to give you the heimlich?"

me: "no."

i obviously could breathe. i realized this when i could talk.

it was just my tender esophagus was being punctured by the little culprit!

still trying to swallow. still not working.
then he rescues me.
my co-worker friend.
with his piece of cheddar cheese.

"try eating this," says he.

chew chew chew... swallow.

sweet relief!

that friendly piece of cheese wrapped that sharp sucker up and made it's way down my tube for further digestion.

i knew i really liked cheese for a reason.

and co-worker friends who offer said cheese when choking.


lehi + sasha said...

oh, girl. that is no bueno.
i choke on EVERYTHING. i'm a little kid, seriously.

once, i choked on a potato wedge and it was horrifying.

my husband no longer allows me to eat potato wedges.

xoxoKrysten said...

Oh gosh, I have totally done that before. No fun at all and it HURTS! Glad the cheese helped!

Cat said...

ugh, don't you hate it when that happens? it hurts!
but good thing your co-worker knew how to fix it!

Jessica Lynn said...

oh hey, I'm Jessica. love your blog.

I had a similar experience yesterday at potluck dinner...I had to leave the table and everyone was nervous for me. No damage done though!

britt said...

how terrible. but kinda funny, wouldnt be funny if it stuck around any longer though. love that cheese.
ps, did you get my email? sorrry it was just a bunch of unoganized pics thrown at you..

Michelle said...

ugh, that's totally the worse! Like getting a cramp in your leg that won't end!

Thanks for the tip, I'll remember that for the next time

Dayna said...

that'll stay real nice!

I'm glad you survived.

Jo-Anne said...

Phew! That was close!
Add shredded cheese to your salsa from now on...of course, only for the benifit of the chips to go down smoother. ;)

Love Cami. said...

this made my day, and made me smile, and was awesome.

+thank you so much for your sweetness.

Brooke said...

Omg. Something similar happened to me at my sixth grade party but we were eating tostadas...My first instinct was to stick my hand down my throat and retrieve the chip...oh i did get it out but it resulted in 4 little 6th graders puking at the sight of my bizarre animalistic survival skills. Good times. :) Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. :)))

Brittany said...

i loved this. i laughed. i shouldn't have, but i did.