happy weekend.

well, folks.

1 week of the semester down.

15 to go.

i hope you all have a fabulous 3 day weekend.

here's a photo for you.


this is lincoln's
"come to my bosom"

this photo makes me giggle.

guess what?

i'm going to be that silly boy's wife.

and i'm so excited.


Whitney said...

ha ha. so cute. happy weekend. loves

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

AH! My semester starts next Tuesday. I am so not looking forward to it. But I kind of am, in a weird way...you know?

You guys are too cute.

I am loving your blog!

Jessica Leigh said...

Awww... you look so happy and pleased that you're about to cry! So cute! Love you! :)

xoxoKrysten said...

Happy weekend lady! That pic is so cute!

Nicole Smith said...

You guys are so cute!!

kate lines said...

i really like this picture.

(so, i am really tall. and in highschool i was pretty much forced to give all my friends "bosom hugs" because... this made me laugh. good thing i married someone tall, so the roll is reversed.)

britt and jacob said...

to die for.