things are looking up.


i FINALLY get my ring back tonight.

i got my 21 credits figured out and registered.

thanks to all your suggestions on the gray suit fiasco.
it might just work out.

i bought myself some strawberry mentos.
the best!

and some true aggie chap stick.
no more "crusty-crusts."
(please tell me you've seen that you-tube video)

and the best part about today is i get to see lincoln!
(this long distance thing might just kill me.)


i sure do love that funny boy.


xoxoKrysten said...

Glad things are finally looking up for you!

britt and jacob said...

yay! love the pics! happy day.

Nik and Dawna said...

true love! it makes me happy! rock it girl!

TeeTee said...

that first photo is just amazing!

7upkels said...

haaaaaaapppppppppppy day!!!!

and have a lovely time seeing your love lincoln! you two are seriously so cute together. (ps. he reminds kind-of reminds me of Bradley Cooper, don't ask me why!)

EJ said...

haha. he can't resist these. i'm going to meet peter at the perk. i'm glad things are finally looking up for you. i can't wait to work with you today. you make my day!

Cat said...

hooray for the ring and the strawberry mentos :D

i just want to say that that youtube video is the BEST. "these crusty-crusts i got..." :)

and lastly, hooray for lincoln!