who am i?

been wondering who i am? eh, probably not. here's some random details about me anyway. and probably more than you ever wanted to know. enjoy.

i love warm chocolate chip cookies more than anything in this world... not literally, but saying that gives you an idea of how much i love them.

i'm really really afraid of one day getting a paper cut in my eye.

i'm also afraid of accidentally scraping my big toe nail on the cinder block underneath my bed.

i can't think in a college apartment kitchen.

i need my own to kitchen in order to eat regularly cooked meals.
one day... i will have my own kitchen. can't wait.

i am not doing so well at the whole grocery shopping/cooking thing right now.

sometimes i wonder if i forget things easily because my life is a candle burning at both ends, if you will.
i wonder when i graduate if i'll be able to remember things better... i hope this is the case.

i like being busy.

my thumb wiggles when i write.

i have 5 half brothers, and 4 half sisters, and i am the only child of my mom and dad.

when i brush my teeth i make sure to avoid all surface contact with my toothbrush besides my mouth (like the counter, sink, etc. yuck!)

i have ultra thick finger nails. like ULTRA thick. can't even bite them, bend them, or tear them.

there are few things in this world i love more than fresh peaches in the summer.

i always wear my seat belt.

i hate blowing my nose. i'm a wiper.

all my clothes in my closet face the same way and are color coordinated.

i think my feet have bad circulation. they are either bright red or purple.
people always ask me, "what's wrong with your feet?!"

i prefer writing with blue pens rather than black ones.

i really like cheese. like a lot. colby jack is my favorite, but i've recently become obsessed with string cheese.

i eat chicken nuggets with bbq and ranch.

i am quite possibly the worst basketball player ever.

i'm not a huge fan of being in the spot light. i get all flushed and hot.

i have crowd surfed and it was amazing and painful all at the same time.

i have also surfed in the ocean. also amazing, more salty, but less painful.

i have watched every single episode of FRIENDS. love it.

i sucked my thumb until i was in the 3rd grade.

i had braces for a year and a half and everything that comes with it. head gear, rubber bands, etc. because of the thumb-suckage.

i don't understand how people wear mis-matched socks. it's not like i freak out at them, but i just would never do it. it doesn't make sense in my head. {lincoln sometimes wears mis-matched socks. :)}

i have back pain every single day.

i make up words like blogaroosky, iPodular, sideular area, etc.

when i have some sort of body ache i always tell whoever i'm talking to that i am having something completely extreme like a brain aneurysm, heart attack, hernia, paralyzation (another made up word) or that i've contracted cancer.

you could say i'm dramatic.

i think one of the most beautiful sounds in the world is new-born baby grunts.

airplane lines and blue skies make me happy.

so do streets lined with big tall trees.

i talk to my cat in the most ridiculous voice ever. he probably thinks i'm an idiot.

in high school, i took choir all three years and miss it terribly.

i took dance lessons for 8 years. i even danced en pointe. and i was never flexible enough to do the splits. yeah.

i also took piano lessons for 9 years. i hardly ever practiced. and i said i would never regret it, but now i really do. i wish i was better.

i took a year of guitar classes in high school and also wish i was better.

i played soccer for 5 years. i was on a team that was undefeated one year.

i'm getting a degree in family finance.

i want to become a wedding photographer.

but mostly i want to be a mom.

my deepest thoughts come when i am in the shower or driving... not the most convenient places to write things down.

i'm very happy with the experiences life has given me and wouldn't change a single thing.

i am jalene.

nice to meet you.


7upkels said...

i feel like if we lived within a 10 mile radius of each other, we'd make wonderful friends.

Dawn said...

Thank you for loving FRIENDS and admitting that you suck your thumb.

I can't find a single person in rexburg idaho that loved friends. They always look at like me like "you watched that!!!!".

And i was an avid thumb sucker... till i was 12, braces were my new accessory till i was 15 1/2

Adorably Distracted... said...

I loved this! it was great getting to know you so much! While I was reading I noticed some things! My name is Colby... (your fav cheese)but I don't tell anyone on here that! Sometimes when I introduce myself and people say... what is your name? out of confusion ... i say Colby, like the cheese. lol

xoxoKrysten said...

Oh I loved reading this!

I never sucked my thumb but I DID suck my right hand ring finger. How weird is that?

Nik and Dawna said...

You are an aamazing writer! I love reading your blog and hope to have one cute like it. I have one, just not as cute.
Oh and I loved learning more about you. You are awesome!

Rose Red said...

I too, am the only child from my mom and dad. I have 4 half sisters and two half brothers, I'm the oldest.

communikate. said...

what a happy little post.


dance yourself silly said...

I loved this! I can relate to many of these. You are an adorable girl. xoxo.

Whitney said...

I totally have my best thoughts in the shower! I wonder why that is? Loves.

Mandy said...

Yesss. I love this list.
I think it is honest and I feel like I know you so well now.


p.s. I emailed you!

Michelle said...

I think I have watched every single friends episode at least 3 times. A lot of things in life remind me of friends episodes. goshhhhh my favorites are with Ross , aka the tanning episode, the leather pants, when he tried to punch joey and broke his thumb.

Besides the same infatuation with Friends, I think we'd get a long just swell if we ever met in real life.

I'd totally make you chocolate chip cookies, and bring em right from the oven!

Jessica Leigh said...

I like you. A lot. You rock.

And I miss HS choir too :(

And (if it makes you feel better) I did 12 years of ballet and never had the splits. yeah.

And you have a great list.

The end.

.M@k3nZ!e. said...

haha, i loved this. it kinda makes me wanna do the same thing..

OH! hey, who was that girl..you said u found her blog with a pic of her bf and mark??

TeeTee said...

my closet is the same way!
i wish i had thick fingernails... mine are so weak.
i want to crowd surf sooo bad!

Chantel said...

i love your blog! all of it! you are so funny and creative! haha i especially like how you talk to your cat in funny voices. i think everyone has been guilty of that at one point. :)

britt and jacob said...

i love this. way to be.